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@paintandwires I'll have two people to help me, so there is a decent chance!

@WilliamAdcock Where I am at in Amsterdam, we play more niche stuff wrt card games, basically anything FFG gets played (but not Netrunner), Magic is tiny, we used to have a big SW: Destiny community, and KeyForge is huge here now. Minis wise it is only X-Wing, but we do have national champions and some of the best in the world. I wish there was more diverse play space, though, but rents are *so* high here, that it is impossible.

@WilliamAdcock I feel that a lot of the players are very much attached to their particular flavour of tabletop gaming; the only way to excite a Warhammer player is more Warhammer, it seems, so new things just don't get in edgewise with some crowds. Even though store my little brother plays at also has Infinity, Bolt Action, and some other bits, it's obvious it is 90% 40K, to the point the local GW actually sells less than them.
But anything other than that, D&D, or Magic is seems not done there.

@WilliamAdcock I haven't, unfortunately. There are many, many, many, *many* tabletop games, whether they are minis, rpgs, or whatnot that I still want to dive into; but friends and family are more into just board games or D&D as that is either easier to get into (i.e. less of an time investment) or they already know that.
I have so many unplayed sourcebooks and systems both in paper and pdf, it's not even funny.

@WilliamAdcock I love how cheap the game is; a tenner for the rules, full teams of cars from the budget bin are another tenner, and you are set! Well, you do need to print the templates though.

My little brother is very into WH40k though, so we are also going to see if we can do the templates at that scale and just drift Leman Russes around at the FLGS there one day, just for laughs.

Mainly can't wait to get a lot of in, though. I am going to have too much gaming to do in my break!

I think that regardless of whether I am going to switch, I am going to get myself minis for either character over the holiday break. I can use some painting time, and what's two minis when you are going to paint all of the Rising Sun core game as well as Fallout?

@Julia OH! I forgot the best one, as you were mainly looking for reviews: Bebo is amazing.

@Julia I feel the same way! Some I find bearable or good (such as SUSD), but I basically end up never watching/reading the dudes... With niche exceptions, such as Ross from More Games Please, who focuses only on interviews with the artists in board gaming. Text is also more my speed anyways, I am not too fond of video usually.

@oxygen Those look lovely! I should design something like this for my DM over the christmas break. The table has problems tracking initiative, as we are with 6 players (and then the rest!), and this seems like a great solution.

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Finally finalized these initiative trackers for a campaign I play in! My character is Khohros the triton :3c

@Julia @Deathrain DT does have some women, yes; Suzanne Sheldon and Mandy are great people. Mandy is also with Other than that, I can recommend,, and; they are all lovely people. There are many more on the birdsite, of course, I should compile a good list at some point, if one doesn't exist already.

@ingalacornicum Welcome! Please keep us updated on the progress on your card game, I'd love to see it!

re: KeyForge deck 

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Shameless Self-Promotion: I've got a new scenario for Call of Cthulhu, set in space in the future, up for sale:

Going to play another filler on Sunday, then we are on a break until January. I'll be at family in the meanwhile, though, and I am hoping we can run some cool sessions while I am there. That is, in between the piles of design work and playtesting I have to do.

Really excited to see what we get to do on Sunday though. Going to get back to the full crew of 6 as well in January, with a new player joining in, and everyone being back. 6 is a lot.

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Wouldn't it be nice to level up like you do in games. A big +1 and now your illustration stat has improved. Quantifiable progression would be nice in a world where even if I am improving, often it feels like I am not. No imposer syndrome if you can point to your character panel and say, "no, look, I am a level 58 artist spec'd into character design."

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Combat in d&d frustrates me. Coming from a board game background, the combat system plays out like a really poorly designed war game.

I feel like the answer could go one of two ways.

1) simplify it down more so that it resolves faster. Right now it is very slow without many really interesting choices for most classes, yet it lingers. (I actually think this is the right option)

2) Actually design an interesting combat system that puts more weight on tactics and less weight on d20s

re: ttrpg rambles; alcohol- 

@WilliamAdcock I'll just have to see whether I lean into the good things and see how much I can change the rest without breaking character. Right now the entire group is in flux due to one player leaving, another being retconned to a cleric, and another joining soon, so if I do want to switch, I might want to wait until it has all settled. It is a disaster party though, so chances are my character meets an unfortunate end at some point instead of retiring rich.

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