Mainly can't wait to get a lot of in, though. I am going to have too much gaming to do in my break!

@joey I just picked up the rules myself on and I’m looking forward to giving them a go as well.

@WilliamAdcock I love how cheap the game is; a tenner for the rules, full teams of cars from the budget bin are another tenner, and you are set! Well, you do need to print the templates though.

My little brother is very into WH40k though, so we are also going to see if we can do the templates at that scale and just drift Leman Russes around at the FLGS there one day, just for laughs.

@joey that sounds amazingly fun! I’m a fan of the Osprey blue book wargames in general, and if you haven’t played , it is so much fun.

@WilliamAdcock I haven't, unfortunately. There are many, many, many, *many* tabletop games, whether they are minis, rpgs, or whatnot that I still want to dive into; but friends and family are more into just board games or D&D as that is either easier to get into (i.e. less of an time investment) or they already know that.
I have so many unplayed sourcebooks and systems both in paper and pdf, it's not even funny.

@joey yeah, I know that feeling. I actually cleaned out a bunch of systems I knew I would never run during my last move. Most of my minis rules just sit on the shelf collecting dust because I’m not interested in the games that get played locally and I have a hard time drumming up interest in the ones I do want to play.

@WilliamAdcock I feel that a lot of the players are very much attached to their particular flavour of tabletop gaming; the only way to excite a Warhammer player is more Warhammer, it seems, so new things just don't get in edgewise with some crowds. Even though store my little brother plays at also has Infinity, Bolt Action, and some other bits, it's obvious it is 90% 40K, to the point the local GW actually sells less than them.
But anything other than that, D&D, or Magic is seems not done there.

@joey pretty much; I live in a weirdly game store-rich environment so there’s some niche differentiation; the game store I go to (because it’s a women friendly, LGBT+ positive environment) does AoS and some more niche minis games like Guild Ball, while most of the 40K stuff is at two other stores.

@WilliamAdcock Where I am at in Amsterdam, we play more niche stuff wrt card games, basically anything FFG gets played (but not Netrunner), Magic is tiny, we used to have a big SW: Destiny community, and KeyForge is huge here now. Minis wise it is only X-Wing, but we do have national champions and some of the best in the world. I wish there was more diverse play space, though, but rents are *so* high here, that it is impossible.

@joey X-Wing and Keyforge are both really popular at my local store but I spend too much on hobby stuff as it is to add those to my repertoire

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