My character is a Ranger that has a mouse as his animal companion. That + Talk With Animals spell is the best scout ever, but according to the DM, Percy the Mouse has a *very* southern (US) accent. The rest of the character is a tad bland, though, so I am considering retiring this character and rerolling a flamboyant swashbuckling Tiefling Sorcerer (as much as those can swash buckles... or buckle swashes) using combat spells such as Blade Ward on himself to enter the fray.

@joey honestly I would talk to your GM about finding a way to shake up your character and help you see them in a new light. I had a dwarf ranger back in Ye Olden Times of 3.5 that I was losing interest in until he had a near death experience that gave him new perspective on his actions.

@WilliamAdcock I'll just have to see whether I lean into the good things and see how much I can change the rest without breaking character. Right now the entire group is in flux due to one player leaving, another being retconned to a cleric, and another joining soon, so if I do want to switch, I might want to wait until it has all settled. It is a disaster party though, so chances are my character meets an unfortunate end at some point instead of retiring rich.

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