Had a huge breakthrough on my most pressing project overnight. Literally woke up with the missing puzzle piece in my head. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make my deadline, but this makes me optimistic. It's due early Feb, but I now have 90% of the game on paper! Now to make all the components! So much I want to talk about and I likely can next week!

work~, also fun stuff 

Friday I start my retreat! Lots of work to do, such as updating an prototype, brainstorming another, and making one complete game, give feedback on 17 games, as well as processing feedback on a game jam I organized earlier this year.

But: also going to be playing all of the board games, Gaslands, and hopefully also get to play all of the :dnd:! I'll be at my brother who is itching to run a Ravnica campaign, and I am so there for that. Also going to paint all the minis.

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anyone have some good articles on fantasy economy stuff? i'm trying to keep it a bit grounded here, no magic swords that cost about the gdp of an entire region.

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Years ago in a 3rd party book for 3.5 i saw an adventure that was literally a giant vault door set in a cliff and rumors of treasure behind it. Bunch of locks on the door required picking, casting spells on them to unlock, riddles, it was crazy. When you opened it finally it turned out to just be a promotion for a gnome security contractor to show off how good his locks are. I would love to put something like that in a module.

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Monday game night: playing Yamatai against my sister :)

It's an interesting take on area control games, where you have to place ships around islands to build on them, and collect specialists who add points to your buildings if they meet certain conditions - combos encouraged :p

Overall, a mixed reaction from me though - it's a fun puzzle, but I feel there's too much that can change between your turns, meaning that you can't plan ahead massively :/

(Debating doing longer reviews - thoughts?)

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Do you need the Dread Gazebo in your life? Because that's a thing you can get a miniature for on Etsy.


Meeting went amazing. Turns out my co-designer already knew the client through a friend, and had even played D&D with him once. Neither us or that friend had any idea that the client was working on said project, so it was a more than happy surprise. The client was really happy with what we came up with, and we'll be moving forwards together. Now if only I could say more than that!

work+++, excitement 

just finished up the last meeting before the client pitch tomorrow and I am so excited! we've got the perfect game for the client, are local, can be worked alongside with, like their product, and can design along with their range as much as they want. its a match made in heaven, and hopefully a done deal. but time will tell!

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hey, since I'm not well versed in systems - do you know any systems that are good to play with small groups (2 players, one GM?)

Mainly can't wait to get a lot of in, though. I am going to have too much gaming to do in my break!

I think that regardless of whether I am going to switch, I am going to get myself minis for either character over the holiday break. I can use some painting time, and what's two minis when you are going to paint all of the Rising Sun core game as well as Fallout?

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Finally finalized these initiative trackers for a campaign I play in! My character is Khohros the triton :3c

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Shameless Self-Promotion: I've got a new scenario for Call of Cthulhu, set in space in the future, up for sale:

Going to play another filler on Sunday, then we are on a break until January. I'll be at family in the meanwhile, though, and I am hoping we can run some cool sessions while I am there. That is, in between the piles of design work and playtesting I have to do.

Really excited to see what we get to do on Sunday though. Going to get back to the full crew of 6 as well in January, with a new player joining in, and everyone being back. 6 is a lot.

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Wouldn't it be nice to level up like you do in games. A big +1 and now your illustration stat has improved. Quantifiable progression would be nice in a world where even if I am improving, often it feels like I am not. No imposer syndrome if you can point to your character panel and say, "no, look, I am a level 58 artist spec'd into character design."

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Combat in d&d frustrates me. Coming from a board game background, the combat system plays out like a really poorly designed war game.

I feel like the answer could go one of two ways.

1) simplify it down more so that it resolves faster. Right now it is very slow without many really interesting choices for most classes, yet it lingers. (I actually think this is the right option)

2) Actually design an interesting combat system that puts more weight on tactics and less weight on d20s

My character is a Ranger that has a mouse as his animal companion. That + Talk With Animals spell is the best scout ever, but according to the DM, Percy the Mouse has a *very* southern (US) accent. The rest of the character is a tad bland, though, so I am considering retiring this character and rerolling a flamboyant swashbuckling Tiefling Sorcerer (as much as those can swash buckles... or buckle swashes) using combat spells such as Blade Ward on himself to enter the fray.

So our session yesterday ended up being a filler, but a good one.A gnomish inventor wanted us to run a deathtrap gauntlet in an inverted pyramid, just to teleport the entire structure into his workshop so he can run the Olympics for adventurers in it, basically. A door mimic, manticore, succubus, (deactivated) gargoyle, and animated armour later, we actually succeeded in doing so. We were three level 3's and one level 2. DM is convinced nothing is 'above our level'.

So D&D today. Really looking forward to see how procuring a potentially world-ending staff from an Elven soul trapped in an eternally reincarnating Kenku for a mysterious patron will end up. Should be a walk in the park, right? Especially with a ranger that can't aim, a barbarian that 'picks' locks with his hammer, and a warlock that just starts flipping through every book they find.

Hi! I'm Joey (he/his), and I love everything tabletop. I love playing all sorts of board games, I play a weekly D&D 5e campaign, miniatures stuff is limited to Gaslands though (so much cheaper for just as much fun).

I also design and develop board games, working on a roll-and-write anthology, as well as various other projects, among which a game inspired by Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Also penning a murder mystery adventure for 5e, with a curious twist.

Happy to be here!

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