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"Don Featherstone said you do not need rules to recreate history, just a player who plays historically"

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My own answer is to think smaller: write the documents I want for myself and my table, teach myself the skills I need, enjoy the do it yourself spirit, the amateur aspect of it, and thereby accept that many artists will not be able to make ends meet. I cannot see how I can make money making the software I love, write the books I love, draw the pictures I love, so I do it for love, not money, and expect most others to do the same.

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compiled End of Week links 82 "but the player does not get to choose directly, only influence the decision"

@sandra Completed my Frieren collection today. Volume 7 came with a cool deck of cards.

From "Dungeon Meshi" Adventurer's Bible by Kui Ryouko, adventurers' sleeping quarters

some end of week links, iteration 81, "as the game progresses, the hero player can choose a character class"

@e_eric looking forward to "the folklore bestiary", but "le dahu" is not limited to France... 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 🇨🇭 ...

compiled end of week frp links 80 "the nexus of play lies not in the interface between the player and the game, but inside the player’s mind"

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