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"If you were a skin-shot, or if you were a flesh-shot,
Or if you were a blood-shot, or if you were a bone-shot,
Or if you were a body-shot, as never before in your life."


"Grown folk go blind, lost in their toil and dreams, unless they have a profession such as thieving which keeps them mindful of things as they really are"

a watchman in "Ill met in Lankhmar" by Fritz Leiber

met a raccoon dog on my way back from the gym, auspicious

reviewed (in English) "L'Empire des Cerisiers" a fine french TTRPG set in a Fantasy version of Japan


listening to an "Itras By" actual play, they're having good fun and are always forgetting to use the game cards

couldn't resist renaming a randomly generated NPC from "X son of Bo" to "Higgs son of Bo"

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