Played solo the first scenario of Undaunted Normandy. It's a fun game at the platoon level. I like how the squad and platoon leaders are abstracted, they're cards, not counters

compiled end of week links 100 "definition is hasty worldbuilding. You’re making the decision on the subject all at once, usually at the beginning"

Compiled end of week links 99 "Trolls are stones and tree trunks vivified by the same earth blood"

Every day, I'm picking blog posts I want to appear in my "end of week" list. Then, on Sunday morning, I filter once again as I turn the list into a blog post, adding a quote for each post. There is this hope that I will find a gem of a post and that it will reach more readers thanks to the eow list.

Compiled End of Week links 98 "An adventure is: any situation presented to the players that provides some chance of reward while involving commensurate risk, but which may be refused."

working on Eow links #97, lots of links, culling as I go.

packed the Scythe box for tonight's board game friday, also brought For the Queen as a fallback

compiled end of week links "never roll when the action happens, roll when the consequences of the action matter"

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I've always wanted to have a campaign set around the 30 years war. It's an interesting time in technological evolution and was so slow and sweeping.
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