@Whidou je suis en train d’écouter "Va y avoir du spore !" c'est très sympa !

Helvéczia, a picaresque reinterpretation of Switzerland landed here.

End of Week links 30 weaver.skepti.ch/20210725.html "Seriously considering a one day mini con at my place. My garage is big enough for 4 or 5 tables of games"

end of week links 28 weaver.skepti.ch/20210711.html "I have not given the players character sheets or any indications of levels. Again, this gives them more of a sense of reality."

Overture To Skye weaver.skepti.ch/20210707.html "Words fly away, writings remain. Skye is the world shaped by the union of those that flew away, and those that remain."

end of week links weaver.skepti.ch/20210613.html "the character optimization game that occurs before the character ever goes on an adventure"

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