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A feature I miss: follow-this-thread.

I often see a post somewhere where I'm really interested in following that specific conversation (everything I could see by opening that particular thread) for a while. A sort of ephemeral and thread-limited follow... maybe a column/tab dedicated to that thread...which then auto-disappears, say after no posts to the thread in N days.

(Yes, I'm aware of the technical scaling problems in this)

@18xx Played 1839 today with the new train roster (see image -- note: ROI formula is weird due to rules stuff).

Revenues & train lifespans were fairly close to the model (eg green in OR2.1 but light brown in OR4.1 instead of OR3.2 -- so not off by much) -- which was maybe overly flattering to my 'leet game modelling skillz. Woo.

I wonder what happens with Builder/Growth players who solidly play for rank/position vs binary win/lose (both things I don't do)?

@18xx Other notions (mine, mostly in reaction to Bruce's):

  • Pays a function of the number of shares in the Bank Pool (maybe just one specific company, maybe some ability to change which company, or maybe all shares in the pool).

  • Pays a function of the number of companies with a stock price over $X or under $Y (possibly scaled by game phase). Get the game to race to the bottom (or a booming game economy) and it pays through the nose...

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@18xx An idea from Bruce Murphy on Twittter:

What about a private that paid based on the performance of a company but only on the shares you did not own.

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@18xx Design questions:

a) What are other meaningfully different types of privates?

b) How can their effective valuations be made a function more of opponent's play than personal execution?

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@18xx Musing: The nice thing about 1830-style privates is that their value is mostly dependent on the other players. In this, special-power privates are less interesting in that their values are more dependent on their owner's execution than combative interaction.

@18xx One of the questions is the advantage of this over hashtags (eg ) -- a way of selectively bypassing blocks by using as a relay? But enough of the off-topic.

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