Doubling the train ranks & making them half-width has been illuminating beyond expectation. However, the roster I'm using for 1839 is..asides from playing a bit with pacing in brown...basically linear. Now I'm wondering about playing with framing.

What if I play with the rusting cadence (AKA pacing) and framing all together. It is so tempting! This is both not where I'd wanted 1813 (the real name of SekritProject) to go, and exactly what I'd intended for 1813.


@18xx It does reveal one of the great advantages of hex trains for at least part of the roster: So much easier to come up with scaling sets of train definitions without getting into sad difference-without-distinction silly buggers.

With a dozen-ty ranks, it can be difficult coming up with strategically different trains for each.



@18xx Still, it seems I'm dedicated to resurrecting Branch & Junction Lines again (BJLs) for 1813, so it gets worse: one double-length half width train roster for mainline companies, and another parallel (but thankfully short) roster for BJLs.


  • BJLs.
  • Cousins.
  • Lobby system.
  • New economic model.

I had been trying to be less ambitious. Sigh.

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