This post is a little over 2,400 characters: How does that/work happen? Is the 500 character limit not universal?

@iain I'm (somewhat) more impressed that the cached copies of posts in other servers (ie the federated timeline and reply/boost/etc notifications) without those size limit edits still works. It seems like a FirstThingToDo to manage external abuse of local resources.

@jcl yes it is amazing the whole thing hangs together

@jcl Mastodon instances are generally hosted on their owners' own server space, so presumably they can make whatever modifications to the software they want.

@drunkcrunkfranken Right, but in copying messages to other servers (which is how the federated timeline and notifications work), the other servers have to accept/support the results of those changes. It takes two to tango...

@jcl It's probably just in the acceptable range of things that can be changed.

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