A feature I miss: follow-this-thread.

I often see a post somewhere where I'm really interested in following that specific conversation (everything I could see by opening that particular thread) for a while. A sort of ephemeral and thread-limited follow... maybe a column/tab dedicated to that thread...which then auto-disappears, say after no posts to the thread in N days.

(Yes, I'm aware of the technical scaling problems in this)

@jcl what happens if you just open the first post in its own tab? Do you have to force-update it to see new posts?

@jcl oops, it occurs to me I could have tested it with my first reply, if I'd only opened your post on its own page first. ;)

@sev Huzzah! (I love those hang-on-I-could-test-this second thoughts)

@sev Currently, the thread column's content only has the latest/last-viewed thread and is replaced as soon as another thread is read (can't pin). What about if I have several threads I want to follow? There's also a question of persistence across browsing sessions and even across devices (desktop, mobile, etc).

@jcl yeah, the persistence thing is a problem. You can put a thread in it's own tab if you middle-click on the date link on the first post (in windows, at least) but, as I just tested, it doesn't auto update.

Subway Tooter on Android does let me pin threads, but that might be overkill. :)

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