> Use Tusky or Metatext or Toot! but do not use the official mastodon app (I'm begging you)


@jcl The official Mastodon app is missing critical features. Like, you can't access all the timelines and image upload settings and various other options. @host

@XoeAllred @host is this true on android as well? I don't see toot or metatext on android :(

@XoeAllred @afrozenpeach @host I'm currently comparing Tusky to Yoito to Subway Tooter to the Mastodon client and (so far) not seeing the critical _functional_ differences. (eg I rarely-to-never post/care-about images other than playtest/analysis shots, so suspect CW/media/etc tweaks are uninteresting) Know of any pointed comparisons out there?

@jcl @XoeAllred @afrozenpeach @host Subway Tooter is nice if you want fine control, but the trade-off is that it's ui is cluttered and isn't always intuitive. (I don't have a detailed breakdown of how various things compare. But as one of the rare Subway users out there I figured I'd pipe up with my experience.)

@XoeAllred @host Hurm. Coming from a position of ignorance makes those harder to see as significant limits. Is there a list?

@host @XoeAllred @jcl I was using the iPhone Mastodon app at first, then I realized that “unlisted” wasn’t a post status I could apply.

If a post that is a reply or continuation of another post doesn’t have the unlisted status, it shows up out of context and out of order in the local feed — making the feed messy and difficult to follow for everyone.

The unlisted status looks like an open padlock and was automatically selected for the post I’m writing right now on MetaText

@protospielo @host @XoeAllred Such out-of-order posts are a great way to find interesting conversations/conversants, much like over-hearing an interesting phrase at a party.

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