Alright table top designers, let's all try to find each other on this by posting your favorite/obscure design tips. One that came up last week:

Your cards will be viewed from different sides around the table so someone will see it sideways or upside down unlike in digital so don't stress about the orientation too much if it's not perfect.

@tonytran a related response to your Q; I've heard @jcl get after me about the various dominant models in game theory before;

1. Prisoner's Dilemma
2. Race to the Bottom
3. Free Rider Problem / Tragedy of the Commons / Collective Action
4. Zero Sum vs. Non-Zero Sum
5. Externalities / Principal Agent
6. Diminishing Returns
7. Evolutionarily Stable Strategy / Nash Equilibrium
8. ‎Pareto Efficiency

(List originally collected elsewhere & I've been saving it for reference for years now)


@gpage @tonytran Ha! Wasn't aware I'd enumerated them so (tho I recall or conversations on them). But sure, we hunt player's mental teddy bears.

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