@18xx My youngest disagrees as to which plain hex background colour to use. Pic to show what I'd be reverting to (also with a different corner-rounding radius).

Wow, that hardly shows the colour difference! Silly cameras! In practice the 1828 background yellow is considerably more yellow, almost tending toward eggy (and I'd like a bit more eggy than that, but colours matching is a PITA).

The radius of the corner rounding I'm still out on. Costs $2/sheet to round the corners.

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@18xx I got some OOB questions about what was wrong with that map:

  • Best corner radius size?
  • Brown offboard revenues colour?
  • Cornwall (K19) text too small.
  • Revert plain hex background colour. Too pale.
  • Georgetown Harbour (S17) revenue off-center?
  • Fit Malpeque Shipy'd (G11) better.
  • Label Stock Market?
  • Bigger stock market prices.
  • Match par colours & trains.
  • Round track circles & text bigger.
  • Colour cell & spell out $400 bonus.
  • Adjust main & short line colours?

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First test print for the 1871 map -- and just over a dozen not-quite-rights to fix. Which is cool, as that's exactly what the test print is for. Next up is table-testing how well it (doesn't) work when we actually play using it, and see what else needs...fixing.


The general form of legal track-tile upgrades is simple: any strict superset.

Worth challenging? How about:

  • City upgrades that add station slots but reduce revenue.


  • City upgrades that increase revenue but reduce station slots (if all stations still fit -- ergo extra placed stations can limit future upgrades).


( @18xx )

microbadge codes:


@18xx Turning in now, scrabbling to restore context for the night ahead. Players managed portfolios, up to several per player. Portfolios were represented by share distributions, and they invested in companies with share distributions (matryoshka-nesting) which were run normally... With limits on asset movement between portfolios...except liabilities were capital calls against all shareholders? And then....something entangled portfolio rights, control & ownership....and....


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I awoke this morning, convinced I'd just forgotten a way to have players invest...in other players (well, not exactly, but players investing in a portfolio account managed by another player, fractionally sharing their profits) in an game, and for it to be interesting and fraught...but I'd forgotten.

It has been a while since I've been this excited to go to sleep...to sleep, perchance to dream.

( @18xx )

@18xx This is the culture and values that drove the history behind the players in 1839:

They didn't play nice. Neither does the game or the players.

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Just got a sputtering phone call as to why, why, why the brown trains are so bad in 1839?

"Does everything have to be good?"

"No, but they can't even run for their cost before they rust & you have to buy them!"

"Yep, that's the point. So, how do you survive anyway?"


"They are a trial!"


"This isn't 1828: 1839 is hard."

"This is harder."

The Dutch were renowned for their gentle trade practices: just ask the Dutch spice islands.


@18xx Still, it seems I'm dedicated to resurrecting Branch & Junction Lines again (BJLs) for 1813, so it gets worse: one double-length half width train roster for mainline companies, and another parallel (but thankfully short) roster for BJLs.


  • BJLs.
  • Cousins.
  • Lobby system.
  • New economic model.

I had been trying to be less ambitious. Sigh.

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@18xx It does reveal one of the great advantages of hex trains for at least part of the roster: So much easier to come up with scaling sets of train definitions without getting into sad difference-without-distinction silly buggers.

With a dozen-ty ranks, it can be difficult coming up with strategically different trains for each.


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Doubling the train ranks & making them half-width has been illuminating beyond expectation. However, the roster I'm using for 1839 is..asides from playing a bit with pacing in brown...basically linear. Now I'm wondering about playing with framing.

What if I play with the rusting cadence (AKA pacing) and framing all together. It is so tempting! This is both not where I'd wanted 1813 (the real name of SekritProject) to go, and exactly what I'd intended for 1813.


Muttered elsewhere:

The key element to cut & parry (in games) is that riposte is both credible & viable. Otherwise, sente/gote relationships become permanent and that's not interesting.

Playtester feedback for 1839:

We want a danger meter! Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Every time someone floats a company it goes up toward the red, and back down when they nationalise companies.

(You know, you build a slippery slope for someone and what do they do? They stick warning signs and DoNotGoHere on it -- and I thought risk-taking was the name of the exercise)


I'm in the uncomfortable stage, which every design I do seems to go through, where yeah, it looks like it works, but surely there's not enough player conflict & problems? Surely, I need to bang the players together more & make their lives more tenuous & difficult?

And I've always been wrong there. Always. Which is hopeful...but really, this early in the design process for SekritProject? I'm unsure what to make of that.

I 'spose it is time to make a gamebox & spreadsheet.

( @18xx )

Got in a few 1839 playtest games this weekend (see picture). The new train roster model (12 ranks, 10 rusting events) is working well (better than expected).

Made the first map change in a very long time (2 years?) -- added a track stub to an OO hex to increase variability. Also tweaked train pricing slightly and am now deep-diving on exact counts. I suspect it is a little too thin -- totally playable -- maybe a bit more austere than ideal.


While at NASA/JPL the other day, I visited an old friend: the hand assembled and colored map from the first Mariner 4 tv image. A geologist got impatient waiting for the image processing folks to assemble the image, so they printed out the raw values onto tiny strips, stapled them to a wall, and hand-colored it with pastels. To save the map, it was sawed out of the wall and framed as a gift to the Lab director. Recently remounted and preserved. #NASA #JPL #Map #Mariner4 #Pastels #Geologist

@host IIRC Homesite is the branch that allows having lists where those posters show up when viewing the list and not on your home timeline. Do you have a sense of when that might show up in Glitch (which tabletop.social runs)? It would be terribly useful.

This post is a little over 2,400 characters: kolektiva.social/@estrapade/10 How does that/work happen? Is the 500 character limit not universal?

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