I may or may not have forgotten this site existed

but hey, i remembered now!

I'm going to be keeping a log of how many games it takes my two players to realize the "crippled former Knight wizard" npc party member is actually strahd

One game in and they have no idea

highlight of this realization, and of the game

"We are a BUNCH of unloyal SHITS" - The Malk

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I think it says a lot that in my anarch game the party has decided to

Gangrel - Remain Independent
Tzimisce - Spy for her Boss who she is blood bound to (who is acting like Sabbat)
Toreador - Victim of the Masquerade, is confused
Ventrue - Kissing Everyones Ass Till they are in power
and then
Malk - Hey can i join your cool club vamp mom? Oh the true black hand! Sure!!!

They did it! They lived! And learned to work together as a party in the last scene and chapter im so proud!

Well, almost the entire party. But hey! progress!

for reference they're fighting the prince of the city whose turned into a feral serial killer a lupine and another wight in a burning building and all of them are out on the front lawn now save the malk who was knocked into torpor by the lupine last turn and whose only still alive thanks to said mentors dot in true faith

so shits uhh hit the fan

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Hmmm, Do I have the Malk Coterie Member’s like four dot mentor grab her and run from the burning building using his high rating in Obfuscate OR do i let the gang rescue her and end on a high note so the epilogue is mostly positive


took a break from the sects to write lineages of the player characters and let me tell you.

im up to 23 pages and i love writing this kinda genealogy for my characters.

Let's see, there is the gangrel nomad who is the only adult in the room™ the old man ventrue in a young man's body who is perplexed by modern technology, the terrifying Dracula esq tzimisce, the Malkavian scholar seer (whose a member of the true black hand but none of them no that) and the poor Toreador whose childe is a victim of the masquerade with ALL the merits that make them as human as possible.

They have a book club.

Anyway I'm vent posting and that's not gonna do anyone good so I'm gonna go pass out and hope my dreams aren't fueled by my anxiety and rage

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I can't fix anything if I am not made aware of the problem.

And I can't be aware of the problem if I'm not talked to

Like I've tried to talk to them but I've gotten nothing for like

four damn months now.

I'm just so tired

This is a hobby this is something I do for fun Tabletop is one of the few damn things I do that I actually feel im good at and just.

I'm so damn tired.

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Dming is just a treat sometime yeah?

God damn it i wish this player would just talk to me.

I hope tomorrow's Monday game goes well, the first one of the new one went ok but like. It was obvious someone didn't really want to be there and it kinda made me second guess ALL the things

I know we are all out of practice playing with each other so it's doomed to happen but like bleeehhhh

I love the sires I handed out. Just absolutely a weird smattering of vamps

Heading to bed now but man, breached 15 pages and i realized i forgot to talk about Justicars, Archons and the like in my Camarilla section.

I love these terms but im so glad the Anarchs have fewer and thats the game im starting with.

Time to lightly imply one of my players sires had diablerized people before

And that she's true black hand

Is that true?


I am 13 pages in and just finished the Camarilla crash course

Now its Sabbat time

Ah goodness writing in universe stuff was a good idea. Get's me practicing.

Third fire alarm at work this week bleh

At least none of them have been like actual fires. The only one that was close was when someone REALLY burnt some toast in the break room

Green has won! Next time I've got some spending money it's buying time

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