Eek, that escalated quickly. PCs are now fleeing because otherwise they'd probably be hanged for a murder they didn't commit (one of them did fight the now-dead person but the death was accidental).

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I think 'SIGN UP' being the prominent default but 'SIGN IN' not being so is a bit of an antipattern.

Not that SIGN UP needs to be hidden, but people are going to sign in way more often than they sign up so that should be the workflow you optimize for. I kind of like the idea of having a little panel that offers both prominently.

Executive summary: 13yo PCs are being recruited to what we (but not they) know is the Dark Side.

Wow that was an intense session. GM hadn't expected it to be like *this* either. Good thing I have 10 hours on various trains tomorrow so I can write it up (until the snow in S. Germany / N. Austria becomes too interesting)

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We slept very well in the hay-loft, close together under the rough blankets. When we woke up our seal was still there! We said our prayers and repaired the holes in our heads — I still couldn’t see what Vurian […]

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We didn’t die…

If there are three Namelesses, and Anshen doesn’t want to tell us anything at all!  Except that it’s going to be so dangerous that if we know what we’re going to do, is it so strange that I thought we’d […]

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Going to town

Prologue. The real Hey, I’m going to tell you how I went to town to get apprenticed and met a kid from another village and didn’t join the army. I’m Ravei Ferin, eleven and a season when this happened, just […]

Suffering badly from end-of-campaign blues. It does help that it wasn't *my* campaign. and that we already know what we're going to do next (revisit old favourites, 5 years on)

GM: My plan survived unscathed because you didn't even touch it.

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Fighting on the sea

After a couple of days I felt better. At least I didn’t feel sick all the time any more, only when there was a bit more wind than at other times, and when I ate anything and forgot to look […]

Me: *rolls critical failure*
GM: Okay.
Other PC and me: No! Not okay!

(it did cause some really interesting complications, though)

being trans in a fantasy world:

“She thought you were a girl, too!” “Well, I do look like one when I’m naked,” he said. Well, of course that was true, but I knew him so well that I didn’t even notice any more.

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Ever since we’ve been in the Order House in Essle, we’ve been having the weirdest dreams. Well, that was sort of what we wanted, we wanted to dream with Vurian, and help him figure out which Gods he wanted to […]

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Theorem 1. A crocodile is longer than it is wide.

Proof. A crocodile is long on the top and bottom, but it is green only on the top; therefore a crocodile is longer than it is green. A crocodile is green along both its length and width, but it is wide only along its width; hence a crocodile is greener than it is wide. Therefore a crocodile is longer than it is wide.

Compilation of the Expedition to Ashas is up on my website, epub and mobi.

Just leaving this here: "divine polystyrene"

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A boat and a scary man

We set out on the reed boat as soon as everything was ready. Rhinla had made a special thick piece of boat to hide the purse full of money in! We put Vurian between us and taught him to paddle, […]

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Ultimate trap: in the middle of a dungeon is a cute giant talking fluffy kittycat, rolled over on their back, and asking for tummyrubs.

The kittycat will happily accept exactly 1d4 rounds of tummyrubs and purr, but if is pet after inflicts 5d8 slashing damage in a cone in front of it, dexterity save DC 15 for half.

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have that noble woman be polyamorous with two husbands (they take care of the kids).

those two shopkeeps who hated each other and were rivals? they sat down and had a drink and realized they have more in common than ever -- they're moving beyond a working relationship if you catch my drift.

Farm boy has an unrequited crush on the tavern owner's son.

it's little things, you know? it's just bits of flavor.

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Why is a floppy disk like Jesus? 

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