Since 2014 I have been developing Heróis Modernos, a super-hero comic book creating tabletop game where you play as the creative team of a fictional publisher called Odeon City Comics.

It's a diceless narrative game where a group of "authors" and an "editor" manages a pool of "Charge" tokens to mediate the creation of panels on the page, the structuring of the story in two acts and also the creation of a full page advertisement and fan mail.

In the latest and more minimalistic version of Heróis Modernos the creative team is tasked with creating the back-up story for one issue of Vanguard, the city-sponsored super-team of Odeon City.

The authors start by creating their own original super-heroes by coming-up with some words or expressions that describe their hero's Name, their Concept (a mix of their heroic Archetype, Reputation and Bond), one distinctive Power and their psychological Vulnerability.

While preparing to play Heróis Modernos you also have to create a Villain and the Plan.

To create a Villain the group must come up with some words or expressions that describe its Name, Concept (a mix of their villainous Archetype, Reputation and Bond), and a dangerous Power.

The Villain's purpose is to make a nefarious Plan come to fruition. The team defines the plan by thinking about its Approach, Focus and Objetive and turning it into a single expression.


@jrmariano Villains are always the funniest part 🤡 .... oh! Oh! And the fan mail.

@invisivel I do love creating some villains and specially coming up with their flashy (but mostly corny) names.

Heróis Modernos's Fan Mail is also a blast and I hope to toot about in the future.

@jrmariano yes it is. It is really a fun game overall that moves beyond traditional rpg bounderies. You play in an hnique way. You play a comic designer developing a comic through a hero in a really fun way. How about the publicity ads? That fun to 😁

@invisivel Yeah, I also have a lot of fun creating the full page ad and it's a nice way to have breather between the end of the first act and the beginning of the second one.

In the latest version of Heróis Modernos you have to design an advertisement for a future comic book series. That allows for the creative team to give more backstory to any of the characters in the current story or brainstorm any future storylines or alternative heroes they would like to star in other stories.

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