I'm a fortyish English teacher and tabletop roleplayer from Portugal.

I'm really into tRPGs and have been playing since the mid-90s.

I'm also a founding member of a local tRPG community called "Roleplayers de Lisboa".

In the past I've designed a bunch of minimalistic tRPGs based on World of Dungeons and for years I have been developing "Heróis Modernos", a super-hero comic book creating game.

Here's hoping we can interact and even play together in the future!


@jrmariano the best Super Hero RPG around I have to say. The people from that Marvel RPG thing should have a look at it...

@invisivel As always thanks for all your praise concerning Heróis Modernos. I must confess as of past week I'm getting energised to keep working on it. ;)

@jrmariano that's the spirit. It is indeed a great game. Could you share images and summaries to the public? I know they will love it 🤩

@invisivel I was thinking of that if you think it could be of interest. What do you think would be the better way to do it here?

@jrmariano I think, first presenting the game. Then showing some insights on the way it works, then asking for someone that is willing to test it with you and give feedback. 😃

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