Terminal gurus!
I've been fiddling with installing nb (github.com/xwmx/nb) on Manjaro/XFCE for a couple of hours and am semi-successful. The main thing that bugs me right now is that I can't get those little icons (see screenshots on link) to work in any way, shape or form. I get a square placeholder. No fancy "bookmark" or "note" icon. What am I doing wrong?

I've tried a bunch of terminals. I've swapped fonts between various standard ones. No luck so far.

Maybe you need to install some of those things in the optional things, in the website you sent. But don't know....

@invisivel hehe, yeah, I kept the original post brief due to character count, but yes, I've installed all of that. It feels like I've downloaded and installed the Internet. I've installed a couple of alternative terminals. I've tried with various fonts.

I'm thinking there might be some basic setting I have missed out on, that is assumed I have changed/tweaked or something. The documentation on the link above doesn't suggest anything. Their github issues does not have a bunch of requests regarding this, so I am thinking I'm perhaps just stupid. :D
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