Assim nasce um herói
Assim como? Quais as características ou qualidades que tornam uma pessoa um herói? Existe um gene herói? De que tipo de heroísmo estamos a falar? Do heróis que fica na história depois de uma batalha ou dos heróis do dia-a-dia por quem passamos todos os dias e ignoramos.

"Assim nasce um herói" é o meu novo projeto, um suplemento system agnostic para criar heróis. Mas de que heróis estamos a falar?


@invisivel I am reminded of my own use of the word “heroic” and my intuition that we can never have a rule set that encourages heroism.

@kensanata yes indeed. This i'm working on, first discusses some scientific approaches to the "heroic" and goes on to some of the aspects you have on your post. But the goal is to have a sourcebook that helps creating heroes, but common world heroes, to be used in games, not necessarly adventurers, but characters that have some heroic traits and characteristics, that, those, are based on some readings and literature.

@kensanata I'm thinking of something that is not related to any system, but realated to character personal definition and story. the heroic acts come in the end, and should have coherence in the character story, making it not a defined event but as a part of the all hero package, because heroic actions don't make an hero per se. The focus on heroic actions should also como in game when this sourcebook is no longer needed.

@kensanata I'm making it directed to kids and youngsters to make them think of characters that are good and altruistic, that focus on the heroic side of the common life and actions.

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