If mythopoetic, erotic, cultural criticism cyoa stories are your favorite genre, I have the zine for you.

Just launched for #zinequest2.


A diceless RPG where all author have something to say, the editor tryes to keep the managing comercial success up, and the super heroes? They are up to you... But they are real, yes.. They live in Odeon City... So you must keep up with the expectations of each of them. Ready to get to Odeon?

In this game you are an author that with other authors and an editor are creating a comic book, managing one hero, receiving feedback from the fans. You star with theeee. Cover of the magazine, going vignette per vignette and going through the advertising for the comic book.

Heróis Modernos RPG (Modern Heroes) probably the world's best super hero RPG

John Carter of Mars o one-shot this Sunday. Some mixed feelings about this 2d20 system...

A series of blog posts starting with this one talking about copyright and stat blocks in the context of Wizards of the Coast and D&D.


is a one-page, one-move with no MC! In it, you and your traveling companions sail in the Little Tail boat down a very dangerous river, hoping to reach the great Unconquered City by the seashore. As you overcome each stretch of wild rapids, you discover why you're traveling, what's your cargo or why do you really care for your companions. dr3amup.itch.io/hardshipriver

Started reading Usagi Yojimbo RPG, the one by @GregStolze . I know i'm a bit outdated but... What do you think of this game?

Why You Should Read Dune: An Animated Introduction to Frank Herbert’s Ecological, Psychological Sci-Fi Epic

openculture.com/?p=1072513 t.co/kCbofzwhEp

Today "Speedpainting 04122019" received a Daily Deviation Award :). It is also a great wallpaper - hint hint nudge nudge. deviantart.com/sylviaritter/ar. #art #illustration #mastoart

Hi there, tabletop.social! I guess here is my .

I'm a forever DM who also enjoys the artistic and DIY aspects of the ttRPG hobby, even though I'm not particularly good at those parts.

Something interesting I did: I ran The Lost Mines of Phandelver from the D&D 5e Starter Set with a group for at least 25 sessions over the course of an entire year. Of course I added stuff, but that was the core.

I also like rules-lite games like Knave and d6-based games like Barbarians of Lemuria.

Earlier today I asked about accessibility of PDFs produced with LaTeX. Should just have done a web search of course. Here is one post that suggests making them fulfill accessibility requirements (in Europe) is challenging, and in the case of creating tagged PDFs, may require compiling to html & MathML: homepages.ucl.ac.uk/~ucahmto/e #a11y

Looking for recommendations on good instances that currently have open registration.

Boosts requested on this one.

RPGTable.top is running again. Turns out MariaDB got an upgrade , looks like from the hosting company, without admin notification and it broke things.

The GUTS+ System Rule Book PDF is on for just $2.50 until December 25th for !


It will also be completely FREE to download the current version for just 6 hours from 6am through noon on December 25th! (I believe the times apply to whatever your time zone is, so no confusion there!)

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