Jack says: "Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media. The goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard. 🧵"

Six weeks ago I published Circling Each Other without much fanfare. Check it out if you missed it:


Today is Buy Nothing Day, but please remember to support your independent creators! Subscribe to a Patreon, kick in on someone's Ko-Fi, or hit their Etsy shop. I'm offering 10% off all 1879 #ttrpg and Minis PDFs at fasagames.com/catalog with coupon code BF18792019. #BlackFriday #rpgs #steampunk #writing


Well, since you asked...

Prohibition Orcs - it's the modern year of 1927, and orcs still have to put up with elvish bullshit mwl.io/fiction/fantasy#po1

Immortal Clay - because John Carpenter's "The Thing" didn't go far enough mwl.io/fiction/sf#ic

git commit murder - if Agatha Christie ran Unix cons mwl.io/fiction/crime#gcm

Butterfly Stomp - Beaks steals from the rich and gives to everyone - FREE mwl.io/fiction/freebies#bs

Best-selling satirical Linux erotica mwl.io/fiction/romance#sbs

From now through December 3rd, the GUTS+ System PDF rule book is 50% off for just $2.49 on Itch.io! Help me reach my goal of $10 in sales! 😃​


Regarding that last boost, I find it appalling that the .org sale happened (I run several sites on .org domains), and I find it interesting to see how we are being robbed in a capitalist society. Read about the revolving doors, the companies being registered as soon as decisions are made, the lack of oversight, the lack of regulations, the softening of the few hindrances there are. This is how #corruption works in a capitalist society. And this is the journalism we need.

I'm hosting a jam! It's about writing the fictionalized experience of playing a tabletop RPG or storygame you don't think you'd otherwise get to play:


Please help me spread the word.


Assim nasce um herói
Assim como? Quais as características ou qualidades que tornam uma pessoa um herói? Existe um gene herói? De que tipo de heroísmo estamos a falar? Do heróis que fica na história depois de uma batalha ou dos heróis do dia-a-dia por quem passamos todos os dias e ignoramos.

"Assim nasce um herói" é o meu novo projeto, um suplemento system agnostic para criar heróis. Mas de que heróis estamos a falar?


Survey about the economic realities of working in the TTRPG industry 

La aventura que escribí para el concurso Un dungeon en una página 2019 de Bastión Rolero, basada en la película Prospect.
#rpg #jdr #rol #aventura #onepagedungeon

I did it! The official PDF version of the GUTS+ Rule Book is now released and available to purchase for $4.99!


I also made a post about what makes it special since the rules are already available on the website for free:


I think it turned out great! If you end up buying it, please let me know what you think, too!

O Rapaz imaginário
No mundo da fantasia vivem descansados uns seres mágicos chamados de fabulários. Os fabulários para sobreviverem necessitam de um amigo, um rapaz ou rapariga imaginário que os levem ao seu mundo tão real como um sonho. Estes amigos, que só existem no imaginário, libertam fascinária, a energia necessária para os fabulários sobreviverem.  A única forma dos amigos imaginários libertarem fascinária, a energia mágica, é senti

I'm *finally* going to play Dialect tonight, I'm so looking forward to it!

Dialect is a GM-less story game about a group of people isolated from society (eg. a colony in Mars), how they develop their own expressions and words, and how their language dies:

"An orc has stolen the King's Pie. The King themself asked the adventurers to retrieve it." 

I just had a quick playtest and finally submitted my conspiracy thriller game to the NO DICE jam, woohoo!


Business Card Jam :
RT @josefnpat@twitter.com
For anyone that likes the #200wordrpg concept - check this out! Make a #ttrpg game with a business card! This is such a cool idea!

#BusinessCardJam: itch.io/jam/business-card-jam

@200WordRPG #Gamedev #ttrpg @starkingwest

Business Card Jam :

♲ @josefnpat@twitter.com: For anyone that likes the #200wordrpg concept - check this out! Make a #ttrpg game with a business card! This is such a cool idea!

#BusinessCardJam: itch.io/jam/business-c… https://itch.io/jam/business-card-jam

@200WordRPG #Gamedev #ttrpg @starkingwest itch.io/jam/business-card-jam

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