Plasma 5.22 is here! KDE's desktop is more reliable, adaptable and fun than ever before. Revel in the adaptive transparency, find stuff easily with the global menu search and reach windows faster with the enhanced task manager features.

So, for all Europeans on this wavelength: there is a initiative for a EU wide Unconditional Basic Income that needs to either get 1 million signatures or reach the threshold in 7 countries until March 25th 2022 to be successful. Here's why this is a good idea:

New #Antillia! Glaucharkh Daily Life and Noteworthy Locations, 1454 words with no paywall, including details on Glaucharkh communal farming, spiritual practices, and the game of kabuzhi, plus a trading town, a religious center, and a haunted mine. #writing #amwriting #ttrpg

Heróis Modernos (Modern Hero) the most innovative Super Hero , in my humble opinion, is seeing a minimal start version. Oh! Counting the days to the release 😃

The ad industry is moving away from the anonymous profiling that cookies enabled, and is planning to demand email addresses and other personally-identifiable information instead. This would be a step backward for users.

Just stumbled across the Project Gutenberg versions of the Fantasy Fan - a weird fiction fanzine that ran from 1933-1935. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith were regular contributors.

The MET Open Access collection is awesome, but narrow searches always exclude too many good results, so you have to do broad searches and work your way through hundreds of results.

I don't hate it though.

Because otherwise how would I have known I needed this.

This week in KDE - Cool new features: including KDE Connect lets you respond text messages from within the notification, Kate gets a new TODO panel for projects, and apps playing sound show which device they are outputting to:

Hey people of the great Fediverse :) - We are releasing a new project that you might find interesting (we worked a lot on) -

In essence we provide free alternatives to Youtube, Facebook, Google Search and the like. And we release today. We even have a live about it in a few hours -

Here's the list o what we provide:
  • Friendica with open registrations and we plan to keep it open forever
  • Nextcloud with 3GB storage + ability to add external storage; together with Only Office and a few other tools
  • Peertube with unlimited uploads (restricted to 2GB a day so we don't blow up the server) + Live + video conversion + a few plugins
  • SearX that we fine tuned to be as relevant as we could make it
  • Lufi to send files up to 3GB and 7 days storage
  • Etherpad with open access
  • Diagrams
  • RSS Bridge
  • Framadate
  • Libre QR
  • Invidious and Bibliogram
  • Our own Music player/services as a desktop alternative to Spotify
There are no ads, no data collection, no premium accounts. Purely free.

Would be great if you can share it - it is after all for everyone ;)

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This morning, I found this free online library: Feast Afrique, a compilation of West African & African American cookbooks & related resources. It's full of riches!

Who the heck is M of Ragged Feathers? 

) Contributing writer for TROPHY line of RPGs (Dark/Gold/Loom)

) Creator of RPG stuff like the Weird West incursion for Trophy Dark, DEVIL, AIM FOR ME

) Author of WITCHES TOWN, a collection of microfiction most of which were posted to Mastodon first

) Author of two horror-comedy stories under a pseudonym for Horrible Vacuum

) Creator of over 160 music mixes (

) Just some idiot, who knows

RT @DanMaruschak
If anyone wants to try alpha testing RPGHUD, a tool where you use OBS to roll RPG-style dice onto your video feed for playing RPGs via Zoom without a complicated VTT, the instructions are here:

NeoChat, KDE's native Matrix chat client, is out and comes with a new login page that detects the server configuration from your ID, stickers, message editing, and much more. Check out all that's new at

Since end 2020 banned linking in FB posts to stating "violation of community standards". Multiple people filed complaints but nothing happened, no responses, no explanations, nothing. Please help (RT/like or comment how to proceed). Thanks!

Wicked! Some gaming goodness arrived in the mail, to warm up a cold Monday. #ogre #gev #sjgames

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