Hi Fediverse 👋

to break the quietness of this account, here's a quick news flash:

- We added a list with Zoom alternatives 🤙

- We replaced some entries on "Bubbling under" 🔧

- We added Cryptpad to the Doodle list as it has a poll feature 🗒️

- Our DRM article has images now 🙃

- We have an Audible list in the pipeline 🎧

Thanks to @uniq for the nudge to write this! 😊👍

rpgportugal.com/concordia the Portuguese RPG convention that will last as long as people have to stay home.

the surge of demand for online communications due to #COVID19 reaches #irc

there is a #quarantine channel on quakenet 😀


“Find what you love and let it kill you.” - C. Bukowski

When I see people hoard supermarkets afraid of the next day and thinking only about themselfs running from fear, the fear of death by disease I see the same people that closed the door, that hate the ones that run away from war and destruction. These good people, these good citizens, that hate everyone but themselves are everyday by our side, and God's wrath spare their lifes, God chooses to drown children in the Mediterranean instead...

Is there anyone around here that could help me coming up with everyday things that antifascist groups have done against fascists? It's for an alternative set of prompts/ideas for my story game "Deeds, not Words", so I'm interested in physical feats, subterfuge/sabotage operations, and communication wins:

See the last page for the current prompts (which are for English suffragettes).

If those things really happened in reality, that's a plus! Feel free to boost.

A falta de solidariedade básica é uma tristeza. Maior quando esperam que dês para o seu peditório mas não acham que devam dar para o teu. Mas isto para grandes males água e sabão, da minha tromba só a sombra.

Has anybody done a #ttrpg based on the anime series Mushi-shi?

Consideration for pedestrians decreases with the cost of the car

“A new study has found that drivers of flashy vehicles are less likely to stop and allow pedestrians to cross the road – with the likelihood they’ll slow down decreasing by 3% for every extra $1,000 that their vehicle is worth.”


If mythopoetic, erotic, cultural criticism cyoa stories are your favorite genre, I have the zine for you.

Just launched for #zinequest2.


A diceless RPG where all author have something to say, the editor tryes to keep the managing comercial success up, and the super heroes? They are up to you... But they are real, yes.. They live in Odeon City... So you must keep up with the expectations of each of them. Ready to get to Odeon?

In this game you are an author that with other authors and an editor are creating a comic book, managing one hero, receiving feedback from the fans. You star with theeee. Cover of the magazine, going vignette per vignette and going through the advertising for the comic book.

Heróis Modernos RPG (Modern Heroes) probably the world's best super hero RPG

John Carter of Mars o one-shot this Sunday. Some mixed feelings about this 2d20 system...

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