A acumulação no meu gabinete de trabalho. Tudo isto são computadores Escola Digital que deviam estar nas mãos das crianças, mas não estão, por danos e avarias. Estes são aqueles que aguardam levantamento para reparação, ainda poderia somar um igual número de outros cujos problemas são resolvidos por nós, professores. O número de máquinas paradas cresce todos os dias, porque as empresas contratadas pelo estado português para realizar a reparação dos equipamentos não dão resposta às necessidades.

Changes are emerging across the climate system. Everywhere we look, the climate is changing rapidly.
Rate of recent changes is unprecedented in at least 2000 years for many climate metrics.
These changes are not natural; they are primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

Today's TTRPGkids review is for The God Corpse!

This adventure teaches students middle school/high school biology as your player characters traverse the giant corpse of a god to uncover it's mysteries!

Find out more here!


#TTRPGkids #TTRPG #educational #indie

@22 My personal position is even more radical: Universities should not provide any grades at all. If industry wants to rank students by grade, they should organise the assessment themselves. We are there to educate, not to rank.

Free League Publishing has announced two different Open Game Licenses (OGL) of their own. It comes at a time when Wizards of the Coast's OGL, used for D&D's 5e, is under pressure. geeknative.com/150553/free-lea #rpgnews #orc

Fedigov wants "to convince public authorities to rethink their use of social media. This is possible with the gradual transition to federated free software solutions."


asking for resources about using ttrpg in the classroom. :boost_requested: 

Hey friends, does anybody has any posts/articles about using ttrpg on classroom with kids? A friend of mine is looking into that and I remember reading some cool stuff about it but I didn't save any so if anybody has anything to share it would be super.

If not if you could please boost it is be really glad 🥺

For folk who didn't download it before - I've posted the What's Hot in Indie TTRPGs 2022 - Year in Review on The RPG Pipeline. It's a compilation of opinions and data as to individual games and trends in the indie ttrpg space in 2022. It incorporates contributions from a variety of ttrpg designers and podcasters as to their thoughts on the games and trends that have stood out for them this year. therpgpipeline.blogspot.com/p/

It's here...Graze for Mastodon...for Firefox!

Use Mastodon 🐘 on desktop?

I made a browser extension to make following people, favoriting, bookmarking & boosting toots on remote instances as easy as your home instance! (1-click)

Install Graze For Mastodon

jmz.fyi/GrazeForFirefox :ff: Firefox
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🙌 Appreciate the boosts! 🙌

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two years ago, when fedi was much smaller than it is today, i made a tool to show the list of instances a post was able to reach. at the time, the longest list i could get had 700 entries. let's see if we could get more now that fedi is growing?


please 🔁 for reach!

#mastodon #feditips #MadeWithGlitch

The Best Scholarly Books of 2022

Thinkers including Hal Foster, Anthony Grafton, Martha S. Jones, and Anahid Nersessian pick their favorites.


#books #bestof

The sort of arc of this process usually is that cities understand
they want to develop
something for themselves.

They want to make it open
so that it's collaborative and has participation
for many actors,
but then they realize that in order in order for this whole process to succeed, they need collaborators

Because that's the reality
of #opensource

--- How #Cities Build #Software - in conversation with Ben Cerveny, President, the Foundation for Public #Code.

"A browser extension that alerts you when you navigate to a website belonging to an organization whose employees are on strike." #strike


O livro "Líbano Labirinto" da escritora e jornalista portuguesa Alexandra Lucas Coelho venceu hoje a 19.ª edição do Oceanos – Prémio de #Literatura em Língua Portuguesa, criado no Brasil e que anualmente distingue obras publicadas em língua portuguesa.
#livro #PrémioOceanos #AlexandraLucasCoelho

Halberds & Helmets is set of house rules for classic D&D. It started as a super short Labyrinth Lord extract for my players, with house rules, got its own monsters and spell, and so on. The player facing rules are just 18 pages.

For players:

To run the game, incl. monsters:


Podcast, if you're into podcasts:

Character generator:


O Bitcoins é um palhaço? Não consigo parar de rir quando faz aquela carrinha séria mas enternecida.

Comentário que envolve sarcasmo religioso e da populaça em geral 

Isto toda a gente fala mal da Igreja e tal e dá cá minha Virgem Santissima mais um feriado que é sei lá o quê.

Lancei 3d6 e saiu 18... lá vou ter de aldrabar.

A group of female graziers from outback Queensland who hunt fossils in their downtime have uncovered the remains of a 100m-year-old creature that palaeontologists are likening to the Rosetta Stone for its potential to unlock the discovery of several new species of prehistoric marine giant. #fossils #paleontology #palaeontology #science #Australia #RockChicks #elasmosaur

Queensland graziers unearth 100m-year-old plesiosaur remains likened to Rosetta Stone | Dinosaurs | The Guardian theguardian.com/science/2022/d

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