My lovely professor already posted the final exam grade and I did well!

My overall grade for the course is 96%! 😇

Apparently late 70s/early 80s music is the only thing getting me through finals week

What's exciting: Gaming after finals are over.

What's NOT exciting: Taking my finals.


After the quiz- Buzzfeed: you've been in a relationship for four months and we're probably tracking your internet usage

Have you ever had a buzzfeed quiz guess something ridiculously accurately?

Anyone else make playlists for their campaigns?

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Finished drawing my wizard character! Her name is My, and she's a trans half-elf wizard. She is a huge book worm, and carries around a bag full of books and journals, many of them handwritten by her. She's also the sweetest person ever, and tries to find any solution outside of fighting if she can. But when forced to, she can bend the very laws of the universe to her whim. I love her!~ :sparkles_trans:

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Opening commissions in order to help pay off the remainder of my Firestone credit card, before I'm hit with 6 months' worth of interest in March 🙃

Payment is USD through PayPal or

More examples of my work:

Slots list in threaded reply!

Hi, my name is Nik. I've been a tabletop gamer for over ten years, and have been a dm for about six of those years. I occasionally draw poorly (see avatar).

I hope I make some friends on here!

I have the technological knowledge of a posh woman from the 1880's, so how does this work?

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