hey, since I'm not well versed in systems - do you know any systems that are good to play with small groups (2 players, one GM?)

@ingalacornicum I personally think most would work if you scale it all correctly and catch any composition weaknesses beforehand, but honestly I have no idea what works nicely out of the box and I would love to hear the answer.

@ingalacornicum Off the top of my head, that's the perfect number for both and (both by Ron Edwards).
Are you also interested in games for 3 people with no one designated as a "GM"? I play a lot of those.

interesting, gonna check those out! and yeah, no GM would probably also work well!

@ingalacornicum Awesome! Some you might check out include:
Follow, by Ben Robbins
Kingdom, by Ben Robbins
Spione, by Ron Edwards
Shooting the Moon, by Emily Care Boss
Polaris, by Ben Lehman
Ribbon Drive...
That's just for a starter. I could go on and on.

@ingalacornicum Also, Bliss Stage by Ben Lehman is another one that satisfies your original request.

As are Dogs in the Vineyard by Vincent Baker (now out of print) and it's hack The Princes' Kingdom by Clinton Nixon.

@ingalacornicum ideal for , not as famous as the ones above, and not from the USA, that I love:
- Archipelago, by Matthijs Holter (available for free online)
- Society of Dreamers, by Matthijs Holter
- Okult, by Wilhelm Person
- On Mighty Thews, by Simon Carryer (has a "GM" role)

It goes on and on! Check these out, then ask me for more.

@ingalacornicum Any of them, really. You're describing the minimum required party for an RPG; just pick one that fits the story you want to tell, and go for it. :)

that's good to know! people have told me before that you "need" like 4+ players for a lot of tabletop games so i'm a little :/ intimidated i guess?

@ingalacornicum generally speaking, 4 players and a game master is ideal. But smaller groups can be just as fun and exciting: I've run entire campaigns of just a couple players, and they've been fantastic. :)

@ingalacornicum Many of them are. I personally enjoy or my own N-Dimensional Tourists. Forged in the Dark should be pretty good, for this purpose, too.

@ingalacornicum These are some GM-less games that need no preparation (for one shots, not campaigns):

* Deeds, not Words (I wrote this!), a game about she suffragettes:

* Ribbon Drive, mentioned elsewhere, a fantastic game about road trips:

* Fiasco, a Coen brothers-style story game:

* Night Witches, a game about female pilots in the 2nd World War (also works for campaigns!):

thank you all for the amazing recommendations, i'm gonna them all check out!!

@hardcorenarrativist @Yoric @rafu @hawkjohenson @phyrry and everyone else!

@ingalacornicum I realised a bit too late that Ribbon Drive *does* need some preparation! Each player has to bring a "mixtape" with music (the music is extremely important in the game and drives the narrative, to an extent).

And while at it, I might as well recommend The Skeletons, a double reversal on the dungeon crawling idea:

omg, an rpg where you have to bring a mixtape sounds amazing though!! and its not like we can't prep ahead, we just aren't very many people :B

@hardcorenarrativist @ingalacornicum Something that might be of interest is the actual play podcast "Follow the Leader", wherein week by week the group goes through a bunch of different GM-less tabletop games. It's a fun listen and very good for introducing you to new systems!

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