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Better late than never! Here are more photos from the Hell-Raisers in Kanawha Country prototype. I've continued working on this with @DearPaidiaic
ever since the 2022 Consim game jam, and pretty happy with how it's turning out so far.

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If you're a new #FediAdmin, please take the time to block known offenders and save yourself the headache/heartache.

I had some unsavory folks show up the day after Iaunched because I hadn't done it yet. has a nice list you can start with:

#Mastodon #MastodonAdmin #FediBlock #Admin #Moderation #Community #IntentionalCommunity 

Heya, in about 3 hours, we will refederate with

This will be temporary, to enable someone to move their main account to their alt account here.

It might take a while for the whole thing to happen, so we might have to let the federation overnight or something.

the impact will be lots of noise in the federated TL and probably lots of folower since they will not need you to approve them like you need to now.

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Hey, fellow fans!

I'm happy to announce, a new Mastodon instance for those who love the game.

It's still pretty small, and we want to grow it slowly and deliberately, so if signups are closed at the time you read this, msg me at to request an invite.

I hope it can become a nice little community to talk about . It's not official—it's just run by me and other fans of the game.

(Reposting this as Public - feel free to boost!)

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Well this is my first formal toot! I’ll write something more coherent in the morning. Just know…I’m here, I’m queer, and I’m ready to make these toots mighty colorful🏳️‍🌈💖

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Hello! Thought I’d drop an since I’m fresh from the bird app. I’m Ada, a photographer and board gamer. I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, so that has taken up my life lately. I don’t know what this new social space will mean for me, but I’m excited to try something new!

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announcing a new instance for Blood on the Clocktower fans 

"Welcome ... to Ravenswood Bluff."

My friend @ratteler50 and I are pleased to announce, a new Mastodon instance for fans of the social deduction game .

It's still pretty small, and we want to grow it slowly and deliberately, so if signups are closed at the time you read this, msg me at to request an invite.

I'm hoping it can become a nice little community to talk about the game.

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Hi all!

My name is Erik Andersson Sundén. I am a board game designer and an applied nuclear physicist. On the other site, I had the same username as I have here:

I have designed two published board games: (published by AEG) and (published by HeidelBÄR games).

As a nuclear physicist, I specialise in nuclear measurements and in particular I know a lot about neutrons. Will mostly talk about games, though.

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New TTRPG, self-promo, cw: drawing showing blood, spider eyes, and snake eyes 

I just released a new made for a game jam called The Serpent and The Spider!

It's a 2-player game about a charismatic sword-wielder and a highly intelligent necromancer. Fight against corrupted corps and explore your relationship.

It's inspired by book series.

Check it out here:

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So, I'd like to thank all the sighted people here on mastidon who take the time to describe pictures to us blindies. Most people on other social media sites wouldn't do that. I appreciate it so much #ThankYouForHavingPatience #ThisIsSoAwesome

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hope I did this right!
My name is Alexis (they/them) and I'm an IT person in London Ontario. I've been into board games for about 5 years and got really into ttrpgs over the pandemic.

Some of the games I've played recently are Calico, Wingspan, and Thirsty Sword Lesbians, and I'm hoping to get Verdant on the table soon as it just came in the mail!

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Hi I’m Stephanie, a tabletop creative designer working in the board game industry for the last 8 years! You might recognise some of the games I’ve worked such as Middara, Aeons End 2E & Castles by the Sea.

Originally from I currently live in and keeps US working hours. So I’m a bit if a night owl! I love board game UI/UX and to discuss the rhythm or reason behind design decisions. Maybe someday I’ll do a graphic design AMA!

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a few years ago there was an instance called, it was the home of terfs and landed itself on many block lists, and i still see it circulated as something that needs to be blocked.

however the people who made it a problem are long gone and it's no longer a threat to trans people like myself.

i can verify this because i've been in control of the domain for a few years.

btw. the holding page can be edited by submitting pull requests here.

thanks for your time!


Question on metatext, the fediverse/mastodon iphone app 

In metatext, can you change the visibility setting in a thread (as in do a public toot, then the rest private).

I don't have a device to test, so I cannot test myself.

Boost, answers (and screenshots if that's easy to show) would be much appreciated.

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Cardboard Time self-promotion 

It's Cardboard Time! Episode 52 is now live ( and most platforms). On today's episode, Beth Jackson and Angel Drummond join me to talk about their experiences in the industry as well as Final Girl, Adventure Games Monochrome Inc, and Snow Time!

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Generally confused (by Mastadon and also life). AMA I guess.

I like designing/developing games.

Best known for Yogi, the ELL deck, and my recent Bezzy Bargain Bags.

Illustrating someone else's game, or getting a 'proper' (regularly paid) job in the game industry would be a dream.

My favourite games tend to have high interaction, low downtime, and novelty.

Currently quite depressed tbh.

Fave things: clear rules, chatting, tasting new things, short walks, dancing.

Instance admin that go "that person in my instance is a known source of harm but we wont do anything about it until after they break the CoC of our instance" are the plague of the fediverse

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If you would like to chat about any of the following things, please keep me in mind:

Are you in the area?

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A pal is looking for queer owned board game retailers in the US. Any recs? She specifically wants to preorder Wingspan Asia.

falgn0n AT for usual bs (antivax, conspiracy theory, etc.)

I think that's the admin, so the whole instance and their peertube into the blocklist they go

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