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I enjoy playing D&D, Shadow of the Demon Lord, & almost any PbtA hack. Recently started designing my own ttrpgs.

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Supongo que es casi necesario en Mastodon una / . Hola. Soy de . Posiblemente publique casi todo en español.

Estoy en porque y no había una instancia específica de . Mucho euro y últimamente entrándole a los . E intentando pasar el vicio a mis hijas.

Políticamente, si me apurás, me declaro anarquista, de la escuela de Bill & Ted (be excellent to each other).

Más cosas: , y cosas varias.

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, that thing I'm terrible at.

I'm a sapphic non-binary staring down middle age. I've been involved in and for the better part of twenty years. While I've been a for most of my life, I've only recently been able to get into , joining my first campaign during lockdown. I also recently resubbed to , am debating trying to catch up on , and cautiously excited for the and series.

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Re since it has been a few years.
Stopped playing D&D at 3.5. Picked up Pathfinder, but have been sequestered due to plague awareness.
Mostly rpgs on Xbox, Switch, and PC to scratch the itch, but only solo as internet speeds are not great.

I will play vicariously through all of you.

Thank you, in advance.

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I'm currently running Pathfinder for my wife and our 4yo and 9yo children, trapped in the Fae World, having to use social influence from Ultimate Intrigue to find the people who can help them get home.

I wish I had more time to play, I'd love to try Icons, Retrostar, The One Ring, or Cartoon Action Hour. Games I have played and would like to again are Blue Planet, 7th Sea, and Conan.

My top 3 board games at the moment are Dungeon Degenerates, Alien Frontiers, and A Touch Of Evil.

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Hello! I'm a long time tabletop gamer, video game industry veteran and the current CTO at Roll20. I'm addicted to new games and love reading new mechanics and philosophies. My main goal here is to stay connected to whats and all of the beautiful games folks are building.

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Hello! I made this account a long time ago but ended not using it so this is a late . I like, comics, and all kinds of games, and I'm slowly trying to learn to paint miniatures. I also post both in english and spanish.

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Hi, I‘m new here, so here‘s my - I‘m a big fan of all kinds of games, particularly board games, and there I‘ve re-discovered backgammon and currently trying to play consistently at „advanced level“. Which is HARD. Also playing a lot of video games, happy that I raised a teenage son who can kill those end bosses in Elden Ring that I‘m too old and slow to beat. And a really fun game is creating RPGMaker RPGs just for fun :-). Software engineer in real life.

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Hey folks, I'm Dave.
I organise tabletop games conventions like
I write & adventures with more planned.
I also admin a lot of the Facebook Groups & Discords for the RPG community in Scotland.
If you're in and play or get in touch.
You can find all my links here

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Hi I'm Casey Crook aka dino

I mostly play indie TTRPGs and am currently in a game of Heart, Songs for the Dusk, and Quest and I'm about to start a Scum and Villainy game!

I'm pretty lost on Mastodon and open to suggestions. Who do folks enjoy following? What instances are folks fond of?

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Never did figure out Mastodon back when, time to try again I spose --

I'm taichara, I've been lurking out and about ttrpg spaces online for ... a while, lol. Came over here from Twitter, because yeeeaahhh. >_>;; I write small things for rpgs, mostly oldschool(ish) or just mostly-rules-agnostic stuff (tables!).

A good bit of my stuff is on my blog, some stuff is on Itch.

I still pepper things I type with stuff like :3 and >_> and etc, and I ain't sorry *lol*

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Hello ttrpg people, I'm new here. Be gentle.

You can find the stuff I make here.

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Hey everyone! I joined the boardgame server so I thought I would post an my name is Alex. I'm in my 30s and from NYC, I've been living in Japan for 5 years, 4 years in Fukuoka.

I love boardgames and would love to play any digital games with people in my time zone!

Also I have a PC and Switch. I like to play Destiny, Genshin Impact, and love trying out small experimental indie games as well as bigger games.

I also love animals and photography so I may post pictures occasionally.

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I am just a small museum librarian who plays a lot of ttrpgs (and other games). I am currently a player in 2 5e campaigns and the DM of one. I also DM Vaesen, play in a Svavelvinter campaign, participate in a Masks run, and have just fallen in love with Mörk Borg after a super fun one-shot.

I will probably split my focus on sharing tingies and stuff about old books

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Aspiring Tabletop gaming designer, here to share ideas and get influenced by other creators

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As a re- , my name is Ryan and I enjoy tabletop role playing. Mostly , but I've been expanding out (and haven't actually given WotC money in like 3 years). has been the one that's stuck most, and I've been doing a lot with the system. I've got a Patreon now where I post 3-4 converted or new monster stat blocks a week (for D&D and 13th Age), and occasionally some other game design ideas for one or both systems. I'll need to put that into my profile.

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Hello world 

What is not for?

We do not welcome toxic behaviour.
Here is a small list of behaviour that will get you banned without warning:
- homophobia
- transphobia
- racism
- sexism
- etc.

We stand by and will enforce our rules and etiquette.
We strongly encourage you to have a good read.

Short version:
Long version:

Genuine people can make mistakes at times, that's ok if you are willing to learn from it and better yourself.

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