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DARVO, end of thread, an offer 

If you need someone to talk to who is not going to judge you for your behavior, past or present, but who will instead try to help you untangle your thoughts and get to a point where you are safe and healthy and can begin addressing what's wrong, please feel free to drop me a line. I can't promise a lot of support, but I will do what I can, even if it's simply listening.


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back to ttrpgs after a hiatus of 24 years, not an optimizer, frugal fantasy, slow food, burgundy wine,

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discussion of antisemitism 

I spent way too long looking into the question of "is the lich's phylactery antisemitism?"

And then a while longer: "was it malicious, who did it, and when?"

The answers turned out to be "sorta maybe" and "no; not Gygax; somewhere around 2e, but then again with 5e and that was worse."


We have defederated from

Apparently they prefer to coddle to nazi troll than deplatforming them

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I'm a white hetero cis-male that lives in the USA.

Using Emacs, I write software, TTRPG session reports, short essays, documentation, open letters, and sometimes a bit of poetry.

Most of the non-software writing is on [my personal writing]( I also tend to charter up working groups in the FOSS [Samvera]( project.

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Hi everyone, this is my !

While I do like and play boardgames (recent favorite: ), I'm
mostly here for tabletop wargaming ( and ) and
. After painting a lot at the end of last year, I've now
hit a bit of a slump. So I'm gonna try to regularly post works in progress and other pictures
to help with my painting laziness!

My other masto accounts are @floi (main) and
@floi (Magic the Gathering).

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<self plug>

I'd been either too depressed or too busy to notice or crow about it, but there's a second WFRP book out that I got to write for. The Careers in Appendix I are all mine! Quite pleased with the halfling Badger Rider if I do say so myself.

The rest of the book is also really good, packed with lore, cool weapons like specialised dwarf/elf firearms, and generally just expands on the Empire a whole load.

So yeah, I'm a bit pleased with that.


"1. Prohibited and punishable by a ban are.
1.1 BLM and related shit and agitation"

# fediblock

re: fediblock 4/n

(this was collated from all the report on the hashtag , the site, the peer tube isolation list, etc. )

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re: fediblock 3/n

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re: fediblock 2/n

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fediblock 1/n 

Here is a list of instance we blocked recently (last two month or so).

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Hi folks! Here is my

I've been into the tabletop war gaming hobby a year now but I'd always wanted to get more into it ever since I was a kid (so I've wanted this for 30 years)!

I paint and play Warcry, AoS, SoBH, Frostgrave, HeroQuest, DnD, and ...Hero Kids! I'm very interested in SAGA and I'm super excited for Ravenfeast. I also dabble in terrain building.

I've been looking for a place to post the progress of my projects and get inspired. Super excited to be here! Yay!

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Good evening everyone,
Just a little from lil ol' me.

I've been playing since the 80's, 35+ years forever DM/GM, but currently running a pathfinder2e campaign as well as a Call of Cthulhu game. Also love board games, puzzles, alternate reality games and enjoy the odd PC adventure game occasionally.

I have just started to learn the game of Go/Wei Qi/Baduk ... and I'm pretty bad at it 😅​

Nice little community you have here and looking forward to taking part!

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Hi everyone! I'm coming over from the fosstodon instance. It's a fine place, but it reminds me too much of work. I'm a huge fan of all tabletop games, though RPGs and Card Games are probably what I play the most. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and talking about nerd stuff with all of you!

Socializing is pretty impossible now days, so I'm glad to have found an online community that is excited about the things I'm excited about.

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Hi, all! First-time Mastodonian and lover of games, design, and game design. Before COVID I played a lot of 5e and board games, and now I have about eight month's worth of hunger for game-related content in any form!

Lately I've been working on a non-Euclidean dungeon with funky physics and weird gravity. Very inspired by games like Antechamber and HyperRogue as well as that one Ocarina of Time room where you go through the twisty hallway. Excited to chat with you all!

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I put together an scenario for you to play in semi- Felicity, and it sets up the scene pretty well using world info and memory!

I'll probably make more tweaks as I learn how to use it better, too!

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Hello everyone,
I have been playing TTPGs for the past one and a half years. I started with D&D 5e, but has since tried out other systems as well.
I am really interested in role playing and TTRPG design, and often tinker with homebrew mechanics.
If you are also interested in these things, please drop me a text. I'd be more than excited to talk :)

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Hey, I haven't been on this account in a long while. I've since re-joined Mastodon @Robot_Face. I was posting a bunch about a TTRPG I'm writing and it occurred to me that I actually have an account on a relevant instance! So, if you want to hear about a PBtA/GLoG hack inspired by Spelljammer and Star Wars, feel free to ask me!
Also, I suppose this counts as an

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