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Hello everyone,
I have been playing TTPGs for the past one and a half years. I started with D&D 5e, but has since tried out other systems as well.
I am really interested in role playing and TTRPG design, and often tinker with homebrew mechanics.
If you are also interested in these things, please drop me a text. I'd be more than excited to talk :)

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Hey, I haven't been on this account in a long while. I've since re-joined Mastodon @Robot_Face. I was posting a bunch about a TTRPG I'm writing and it occurred to me that I actually have an account on a relevant instance! So, if you want to hear about a PBtA/GLoG hack inspired by Spelljammer and Star Wars, feel free to ask me!
Also, I suppose this counts as an

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Heya Tabletop, My name is Matthijs and I am a Dutch lover of games both on the PC and at the kitchen table (I hope to have a real dedicated boardgame table once, with cubbies and dice boxes and satin). I love stories and am a sucker for flavour. When it isn't game night, I like to go outside and hike and camp, read or listen to all kinds of music.

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👋 hi everybody. Thanks for letting me join you on

I've been playing TT games for most of my life. I enjoy a mix of RPGs and tactical games often with a futuristic bent.

Right now I run a small Eclipse Phase game via Roll20 and I'm about to try Aristeia! with my partner. That may turn into me building custom arenas and mixing in my electronics hobbies.

Look forward to reading your stories and sharing some adventures here.

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Hello tabletop!

My name is Lena, and I like to ! It's been over a year since I played a tabletop game, though.

This is also my first time trying out Mastodon. I hope to stick around!

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Hey everyone! I'm a GM and a player. I love gaming of all kinds, but tabletop has a special place in my heart.

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Greetings, Tabletop!

I'm Terrana, and while I'm usually more active on, I hopped over here to see if I can find the tabletop RPG group I've been lacking for the last decade.

I'm a vaguely furry-adjacent dragonish sort, with a love of intricate systems, many things SF/F, and overthinking *everything*.

UK-based, monolingual English-speaker, apologetic for both facts.

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hiya! thank u guys for having me, im excited to talk about ttrpgs and hopefully make some friends
im a long time dnd 5e player but i really want to dip my toes into playing other games. i have experience with PbtA games (mainly monsterhearts) but those ended with uh. almost unparalled disaster (if u want me to go into detail abt it i can but it got a lil ugly). either way i hope everyone has a good day today

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Hihi. I'm Noneuclidery, they/them.

I'm here because tabletop games are in my DNA to the point where I joined the very same ttrpg that my parents met at.

These days I mostly play pbta, and just starting to explore fitd, but I'm down to play boardgames, too.

I'm also autistic and confused about how to be human. :P

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Alright, since general-purpose instances seem to be closed these days, and smaller-focused instances are flourishing, lets make a list of good instances people on can move to! Places with good moderation, relatively good uptime, open (or fill out an application) and nice communities.

Lets try:
What is the instance
Who is it for

(boosts encouraged)

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Doing warhammer inspired stuff may be a cheap way to get followers on thingiverse but it sure works...

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My name's Max (he/him).

I'm into tabletop games, 3d printing, and video games.

I joined to talk to people about rpgs that aren't 5e or PF1e.

The games I'm currently playing in are Cthulhu Invictus and Traveler 2e (Mongoose). I am currently running a game of Brindlewood Bay and Pathfinder 2E.

My new favorite game is Trophy Dark.

I sometimes dabble in mini painting, and I'm starting to get into dice making.

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Hi all,
I'm Elad, He/Him, en/עב

Just joining after a long time on and off other instances.

I came here looking for some fun interaction among likeminded geeks who're into

I'm a socialist, I work for a workers' union. I love ttrpgs and I host a weekly podcast about ttrpgs (in Hebrew...).

I tend to gravitate towards PbtA games, and other indie games. I also love world, city and community building games ( ) >>

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If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."

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Trying out this whole thing again! I want to see toots about and !

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Soooo I'm also doing a thing for LGBTQ folk in the UK, and wanting to set up a Queer Gaming Café basically, and having been turned down for a loan I need to CrowdFund it.

I try and live to be the person I needed when I was younger, now I'm trying to provide the place I needed when I was younger.

If you can donate anything to help, that would be amazing. If you can share the link, that's just as amazing.
Have Questions? I'll answer the best I can!

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fediblock, nazis, trump etc, boost OK 

One more for the block list


It seems that PatriotPrayer have an account there.

#fediBlock #mastoAdmin :boost_ok:

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Hey 3D printing enthusiasts! I am forming a plan for a gift for my SO. He has been having lots of fun making lil useful things with his work's 3D printer, so I was thinking about getting one for our new home (maybe for his birthday in a few months). I will of course do some research, but if anyone can point me in the direction of not too expensive or big but good quality printers, I would appreciate the help!

Following the announcement from to close their door, I have open registration (with approval).

I don't expect for all of the instance user to come our way, but some might do and that will help with the admin (currently invitation is done over emails and that takes a fair amount of time).

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Hi Fediverse, my name is Burnus, or Chris if you prefer, and I like tech, SciFi and (probably most important to this channel) TTRPGs. Specifically, I have played Pathfinder for a couple of years now and recently started DMing. Currently, I am trying to hook a couple of new players up with the game while doing the switch to 2e myself, so cross your fingers on that one..

I hail from Germany and have another account at @burnus for those who are more interested in techy stuff.

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