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We are closed for new registrations, but you can invite your friend (and totally should)

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Hello everybody!

I hope we're all ready for the first challenge!

The themes for are: Adventurous, Cold, and Retro.

Keep in mind, these tags are completely open to interpretation. Apply them as literally or figuratively as you see fit. The goal is to finish it by the end of month. Even if you don't finish in time, don't be afraid to post what you have. Even an in progress piece of work can be educational to the community!

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instance block recommendation, potential scrapers/follow botting and

A followbot from the former is currently going around, and the latter is showing people from instances already suspended by hellsite and others.

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Hello Tabletop.Social!

This is the guide. Read below if you're interested in joining a monthly community event.

Three keywords will be announced at the beginning of every month for inspiration or guidance. Incorporate them however you want in a piece of tabletop related work. It can be painting a figure, writing a short campaign module, sketching a character, or anything else in between.


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During the day I manage a cinema and co-manage a family.
At night I paint minis, play games of all kinds (mostly RPGs), cook, watch weird movies, read speculative fiction, listen to punk & lofi while dreaming of a better world. I'm also into comics, photography and free culture.

all of Wet’suwet’en territory is unceded Aboriginal territory

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I am very happy to see both new fedi users and well known fedi users getting an account on here.

*waves at the new guests at the table*

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Hey peeps, time!

I'm Xenni, keen LARPer and D&D'er. Started with 3.5e homebrew, somehow created a god that still remains in that DM's worlds...

I enjoy gaming, love a coffee (I'm also a trained barista, so that's convenient), love spending time out in the woods and with friends.

I will probably end up posting about various shenanigans my characters get up to. :P

I'll be putting up a couple toots to describe my characters better :)

Looking forward to seeing your shenanigans :D

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Hello! I'm TQ. I'm new here, but not new to the fediverse. I've recently started DMing again, and I switched systems from DSA to D&D 5e. I enjoy the creative freedom very much, building my own world and slowly fleshing it out. I'm here to connect to other RPG people and get some ideas about how to improve my DMing. If my artist life lets me, I'll also share some oldschool character art.

If you're curious, you can find my main account here: @TQ, my art account here: @TQ

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Any open instances that you want new people!? meta 

Hi all,

Some researcher have been scraping data from the fediverse, that include our instance, shy of 4000 posts.

They took the data without asking, published a paper and published the data, also without asking.

The data was used in a dubious way in their paper, which is flawed (cauliflowers?!).

A few people have worked hard on an open letter, which I signed

You can read it here:

(Do ask questions, but not before you read the letter please.)

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Hi! I’m Plugs and this the account where I post about games, books, films and other things I’m interested in.

Currently that’s ElderScrolls.

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Last time I post about this so as not to continually spam my instance but just want to give it one more chance on the federated timeline.

We're starting a writers group for people to motivate and critique each others work, loosely organised around meeting every couple of weeks and chatting between times. Any type of writing and any experience welcome. DM me and I can give you links!

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Hey people who write, anyone else interested in starting a writers group? We have a few people now but always looking for more to help us get off the ground.

Theres no pressure its just to give us soft deadlines and accountability to keep practicing and get some critique and help each other out. Probably discussions online once a fortnight or so but in a way thats persistent so it can be added to, with timezones and stuff its not always easy to meet at the same time exactly

Mastodon Content Warnings: Inappropriate Contents in a Microblogging Platform 

Can anyone with the dataset run this command and let me know the result:

cat timeline_*.jsonl | jq .uri | grep | wc -l meta, instance block is now blocked.
The admin is boosting content, some other report that they are gab adjacent.

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Fedi Meta 

Want to know why we are making an alternative to mastodon ?

Here is what we have in mind

#FediAdmin #MastoDev

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