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Hello, I am Lantern. I am currently studying computer engineering and love RPGs, books, boardgames, drawing & animation (anything creative), and nature 🌲. I currently DM my home D&D 5e campaign.

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Latha math! I'm Floireans, I draw & I love my boyfriend & my cats & DnD
This is my new DnD character! Big boy needs a name

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Ooooh, Glitch-Soc now has the option to hide your follower-count.

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TTRPGs, players wanted, London, boosts OK Show more

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My new , a non-challenge-based fantasy game called , will be live on DriveThruRPG very soon! (I've set up the product page, I'm just waiting for DTRPG's approval.)

The price for a digital copy is gonna be $14.99, but if you want a copy and can't afford that, let me know and I'll hook you up.

I'll post a link once it's live!

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Hello everyone!
I am Ael or Lys. I am an artist who loves rpg games (pc and also DnD and the like), boardgames, everything creative and CATS.
I try to make comics in my free time. I love draw OC characters - specifically (dark) elves and mages.
I am a bit shy and introverted and I am also :heart_ace:
I'd love to meet new people and share some arts with you!

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Hi, I'm Awashe! I absolutely love RPGs and creating characters and their backstories but new to tabletop esp d&d! Never tried it tho but would love to!

I'm currently taking online school so I have a lot free time on my hands! I would prob post character art here. I'm interested joining any online campaign, if there is any? 😅

Anyway, nice to meet ya! ✨

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Hey all! mostly a 40k obsessive, but periodically try to build games. a friend and I are working on a setting loosely inspired by berzerk but without the squickiness and more weird horror elements that's been really fun. anyone wanting to talk creature design hmu it's my fave rabbit hole.

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I've been playing RPGs (mostly D&D) for 25+ years, but I've been jamming on indie games for the past few years.

I'm currently playing a Blades in the Dark game, and I'm looking forward to playing some Burning Wheel soon.

My goal for the new year is to run more games (thinking about starting an Urban Shadows group). I'm really interested in exploring the online gaming space, so if you're interested, let me know.

I'm helping to plan New MexiCon 2019, so come check us out!

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Hey ya'll, I like table top games, podcasts, dogs, science, superhero movies, anime, a lot of nerdy stuff I guess lol. I just like having a fun time doing any random shit really. I tend to think of myself of a down-to-earth person in general. Nice to meet everyone!

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Are you LGBTQIA+?

Do you play tabletop rpgs?

Do you want to talk to others that do?

Join us on discord!

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hi, i was lurking for a while because i can't post on sites without having an avatar first because of Reasons. Mostly into d&d, but played other systems. Don't have a game atm so i just keep making characters for no reason :')

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Does anyone has a tool to create worldmaps ? I could use gimp to sketch what I want, but I wonder if there are more specific tools.

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Howdy! I'm meeba!

I never did quite get the hang of RPGs (except for Fiasco... sort of), but I do play a lot of euro and 18xx games. 1867 and Azul are current favorites!

I also like to make music when I'm not at the gaming table or at work, and can frequently be found adventuring through town via the city bus.

Look forward to interacting with you all!

Choo Choo!

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HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! sorry ive been gone, but i hope youve been having a good week and i hope u had a wonderful xmas! i love you a bunchies and im here to remind u to take ur meds and drink some water if u havent yet today! i believe in you and u should believe in urself too! ur doing so great! i love u <3

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im joshua ! im kind of new to table tops but i love playing and creating characters ! im an artist and writer who loves girls. also im 18 !!

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Greetings from Denver. When I decided to join the Mastodon network, I figured sounds like a good home base. I've played tabletop RPGs for years. I'm a former musician, former videographer, and current software engineer.

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My name is Daina- I have been trying to build a following for my art for a few years now and it has been hard. So I am here to explore.

I am a 2d artist, but always trying to do more. I'd like to tattoo within the next few years.

I'm weird, I love taxidermy and also dabble in that some. so call me a vulture I guess.

I'll be 20 in January, never been to college and don't plan on it, just enjoy teaching myself stuff.

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