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Hi everyone, my name is Leonard.

I'm still relatively new to pen and paper but so far i really enjoyed the adventures i had. (D&D5e / Vampire the Masquerade)

I'm a software developer and full fletched nerd.

Why am i here? Its my dungeon masters fault => @elrathor

Hope to see some interesting stuff round here.


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Howdy all. Besides being a table top gaming fan, I also do 3d work. I find I like to make 3d weapons quite a bit for practice. Wondering if there would be an interest here for such a thing? For use as references in games and what not?
Here's an example of stuff I have done in the recent past.
If you enjoy, please let me know and I will continue to post more. Maybe even take suggestions if popular enough.

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Damn I never made an ? Gotta fix that !
Hi, my online nickname is Jolly ! I'm a Somali expat who'll be future Psychology student.
I'm a non-binary lesbian, amateur traditional artist, ancom & generally a gaming nerd. Please use They/Them pronouns.

I've been playing D&D 5th edition for over a year now with irl friends and recently pals online. I love making diverse characters, never us same background twice and I always try play the same classes/multiclass combination.

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The site won't let you add a FAQ to a Kickstarter until it launches, so here's a Google doc draft of the FAQ for the Kickstarter!

(Doc includes a link to the KS campaign preview.)

Both feedback and boosts are appreciated!

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Tabletop social meta, aprils fool (don't) Show more

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are there any tabletop RPGs that use a tarot deck? this is a serious question

Tabletop social meta, aprils fool (don't) Show more

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Anyone have recommendations for software to design character sheets?

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Hi everyone! I'm a migrant from Google+. Currently playing LotFP and Dungeon World. Still figuring out how this Mastodon thing works. How's it going?

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Does the "Always expand toots marked with content warnings" (in /settings/preferences) option work for anyone here? It just ignores my choices blatantly. @host ? Anyone?

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Made this since I can't convince Gargron, at least there is a record if someone want to try changing his mind:

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: Been a gamer for a long time, but finally getting into tabletop games now that I found some people to play with. Just getting started with and really enjoying it. Joined here to see what others are into and make some new friends. :)

@ossifog hahaha, that sounds like a plan.
I'll mention them all and see who are the real Mik an Kris!

@pxi I'm a bit puzzled, as this approach tend not to work on here :doublethincc:

Not too sure about that Mik and Kris.
Might a bit obsested

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Folks: There's a Friendica server at, part of the Fediverse, designed originally as a refuge for the G+ rolegaming community and expanding/revising its role in the larger community as people join and participate. I'm one of the admins. Check out our instance!

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2 days to find a new job, selling #maille to pay bills Show more

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