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okay so now i'm on a more brand-appropriate instance, time for a new i guess!

my name is Zee, i'm 30 and just moved to Portland. i'm all about 5e D&D, FATE, PbtA, and anything with giant robots in it. i'm also a angry-but-nonconfrontational queer socialist, so intersectionality and inclusion in gaming spaces is pretty damned important to me!

one of these days i'll start a podcast. probably like two days before the world ends, at this rate.

@Julia it does mean the toot stay local to and will not federate.
It is added automatically by clicking the 'local toot' button

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hello i'm new! i'm a baby dm that draws for their campaigns and interested in finding new players for over discord!

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Hi everyone! I am a Pathfinder rookie and am eager to learn and talk about it. I have played for about a year now and recently I've ventured into DMing.

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Man, the first social media account in a long time that's not in any way connected to my job. Now I just cannot post there any art ever.

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Hi all! I am a comedian and actor in Seattle Washington. I enjoy tabletop, board, and video games in pretty equal amounts.

I have run a D&D 5e and a Monster of the Week campaign with some friends and am interested in learning new systems that are friendly to newcomers to tabletop so that I can convert more friends.

I tend to be the GM, but I enjoy both sides of the screen.

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UK Peeps - The Works is currently selling a ton of board games from decent publishers at an absolute steal!

The following thread will be a series of recommendations of games they have

I'm not getting paid for this, I just want to spread the board game love with people :)

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Hi guys, I'm new to this site, I'm coming from tumblr, I'm argentinian and an art professor; I only had one session of DnD but I'm certanly looking for more.

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I am new to this, but trying hard. I've played the Star Wars D20 system and DnD 5e. I gm and also play. Also I am very gay.

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hey everybody I play/run d&d 5e and im studying computer science in college. hobbies include but are not limited to making more characters than I can feasibly play, thinking about living in a tiny house, and procrastinating.

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I'm an author and game-master for the Call of Cthulhu RPG by . I also paint miniatures and talk entirely too much about my cat.

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Right then - I'm sat under a blanket with a cup of tea and my crochet, who wants their arse kicked on ? 😈​

(I'm willing to play anything, and can teach most games on there too!)

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Hello! I'm Akai and I like to play tabletop games when I have the time! I'm trying to build a few worlds myself and can jump from Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder pretty easily! I main a wood elven ranger named Feledor, but I do have other characters I like to play! I hope to get to know you all better!

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Hi! I'm Joey (he/his), and I love everything tabletop. I love playing all sorts of board games, I play a weekly D&D 5e campaign, miniatures stuff is limited to Gaslands though (so much cheaper for just as much fun).

I also design and develop board games, working on a roll-and-write anthology, as well as various other projects, among which a game inspired by Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Also penning a murder mystery adventure for 5e, with a curious twist.

Happy to be here!

Hey @joey you made it !
So happy to see you here.

Here is a quick guide to understand how things work:

Next up is doing an with some of your interest (with # tag) so that people can find you.

Then you can start tooting away.

Any question, just give me a shout and I'll be there to give you a hand figuring it out

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Hi my name is Tayla. I'm a queer trans woman from Australia.

I made a fediverse account because I've seen the censorship from large US based social media sites get a lot worse recently and think twitter may be next.

I got into ttrpgs after listening to podcasts like and . I love making good stories, problem solving and developing interesting characters.

I'm here to play games, make friends and just generally be a gay mess of emotions so come say hi!

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Hi all, welcome to the table!

Every day our community gets bigger with amazing people like you.

If you already started to fun, keep going! I just want to give some basics :)

- Adding an avatar and short bio is a good start.

- To say hello, we use . We really like to know you better.

- Look throught timelines. There are two: local and federated one. And follow people you liked.

- Toot about what you love.

- If you need a guide:

- Have fun! :)

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Hello! I'm a fledgling DnD player and DM but I homebrew a lot. Working on obtaining physical copies of the 5th Ed books, currently 2/3. Glad I found this place and am excited to be here.

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