@angeles I have to admit that the hard sysadmin work is done by @mastohost , while most of the moderation is done by @hardcorenarrativist

I merely pay the bill

@AjaniOnTheSpot ah, I didnt do much, thank you for asking around and for @hardcorenarrativist for getting me involved.

@AjaniOnTheSpot @hardcorenarrativist if you cannot work it out, give us a shout and we'll find a way to help you

@hardcorenarrativist @AjaniOnTheSpot I think it is because your account on tabletop.social is redirecting people your wubrg one.

I think you need to stop the reditection on here before you try to move your wubrg account to here

On supporting a better software than mastodon 

Today it came to light than mastodon is quite poor as a software.

If you'd like to fund a better alternative, which we trully need, you may consider supporting this person/project

We havent tried the software yet, but it seems to be coming along nicelly and would benefit from more supporters.

@gamehawk @ackthrice I'm not too sure I have an answer that will make you happy I'm afraid.

The other choices will make other people unhappy, either because it is a change, or because they rather have a limited view than no view on their friend, or because there will be nasties in the federated TL

It is not so much about perfection, but with trade-offs

You could also:
* Tell mufos to move away from mastodon.social
* Spend $5 a month on masto.host
* Use a different front end to mix accounts TL

@gamehawk @ackthrice then there is also the fact that said main developer takes money from the EU, collaborating with a host of companies that specialised in the monitoring of social network.

Then yeah, I am sorry we cannot do as good a job at moderation on the federation, there is not much leverage I have to fix that.

I would advise anybody willing to fix the situation to put money in this project github.com/superseriousbusines

Thats a real chance to get a better server than masto, pleroma, etc.

@gamehawk @ackthrice I mean, the main issue is the software, and if I can be candid, the real issue is with the main dev if the software.

When the project leader choose to build a decentralised software but chooses not to address the federation issues (the different level of defederation are imcomplete and not doing what they say they do), there isn't a whole lot other people can do.

Then said person create the biggest node by never stoping registration.

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Asking for money (fixed link) 

Hi all, hate to have to do this again.
I have had to take a lot of sick leave from work lately for chronic ph and mh. Because healthcare companies know the value of ill health, they don't pay sick leave! I'm out a 1/4 of my paycheck this month which will make things pretty difficult so anything you can give is appreciated! Boosting is nice if you can't spare anything :)

Donate: paypal.me/queerfaun

Buy my book:

@ackthrice @gamehawk yes, they have a terrible reccord at moderation (both ways, letting nasty stuff happen and removing account of activists).

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Polygon has an article on sites where you can buy TTRPGs, including some highlighted games you can buy in every site. One of the highlighted games is Journey Away by @jskellogg ! 🎉


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How's it going I go by Jay, and I've been running and playing tabletop for a few years now. I mainly play/run 3.5 pf, and pf2 with a sprinkling of others.

Favorite classes:
Warlock, rogue, druid, and healer in general.

I work as a CSO/Network Administrator at a small billing company. Currently working towards obtaining a few CyberSec certifications.

In my spare time if not in a campaign I'm probably lvlingy pally in the WoW burning crusade classic prepatch, or a Total War game.

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hello, i am rach, i was here a while ago i make the bad posts and talk about my ocs too much

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Hello, I'm Gwen 👋

I enjoy playing tabletop games (currently playing , and an Alien round). I enjoy (and would love to go to one as soon as it is possible again) and crafting LARP props.

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Hi! This is my .

I'm Eunice, a twenty-something worker and student who occasionally enjoys tabletop games and wants to get into again. I've played a bit since high-school, but never got to complete a single story (save for a Call of Cthulhu one-shot a friend once ran). I've played and , and got to participate in creating characters and planning a little for and

Pleased to join you all! :heart_nb:

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It's finally here! My cycle of 6 short stories about a mage's journey of recovery and acceptance after xe has a stroke.

Available for only £5!
Boosts welcomed!


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There's a TTRPG group on here that will auto-boost posts it is tagged in that I thought might be of interest to other TTRPG folk?

It's only small so far but might be a nice way of keeping up with each other.

it's at @ttrpg

(also tagging @host in case it seems relevant)

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Hi everyone, coming in for my post - fairly new to tabletop gaming, recently started playing Castle Ravenloft with the wife, late arrival to D&D - pre-COVID also got a chance to play a couple of group sessions on Call of Cthulhu and really loved it, hope to do it again with the guys! 3D Printing enthusiast and licensed seller for fantasy and mecha miniatures, so if you're looking for cool high detailed minis, let me know! Apart from that, hoping to learn heaps on tabletop gaming!

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