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Soooo I'm also doing a thing for LGBTQ folk in the UK, and wanting to set up a Queer Gaming Café basically, and having been turned down for a loan I need to CrowdFund it.

I try and live to be the person I needed when I was younger, now I'm trying to provide the place I needed when I was younger.

If you can donate anything to help, that would be amazing. If you can share the link, that's just as amazing.
Have Questions? I'll answer the best I can!

@kensanata @Sandra I think we have it disabled as it is a small privacy concern.

Happy to send you an invite if you want to have a look

@kensanata @PastaThief we are now up to date, thank you for pointing out the problem

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fediblock, nazis, trump etc, boost OK 

One more for the block list


It seems that PatriotPrayer have an account there.

#fediBlock #mastoAdmin :boost_ok:

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Hey 3D printing enthusiasts! I am forming a plan for a gift for my SO. He has been having lots of fun making lil useful things with his work's 3D printer, so I was thinking about getting one for our new home (maybe for his birthday in a few months). I will of course do some research, but if anyone can point me in the direction of not too expensive or big but good quality printers, I would appreciate the help!

Following the announcement from to close their door, I have open registration (with approval).

I don't expect for all of the instance user to come our way, but some might do and that will help with the admin (currently invitation is done over emails and that takes a fair amount of time).

hey @robert sorry to see you close shop.
We are honoured that you named us as a place for people to move to.

There are other places that have boardgamers like and

Anyway, thank you very much for making a space on the fedi for hobby for the last few years

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NOTICE: Folks of this instance, I plan on shutting down in the next 30-45 days. When I first started this, I had only panned to keep it up for about a year. Well it has been several now. I have also gone back to school, and have some other family priorities that dictate that streamline some of the items in my I will post periodic reminders. Don't forget there is a way to migrate to another instance baked into Mastodon. (I suggest

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Hi Fediverse, my name is Burnus, or Chris if you prefer, and I like tech, SciFi and (probably most important to this channel) TTRPGs. Specifically, I have played Pathfinder for a couple of years now and recently started DMing. Currently, I am trying to hook a couple of new players up with the game while doing the switch to 2e myself, so cross your fingers on that one..

I hail from Germany and have another account at @burnus for those who are more interested in techy stuff.


complained about cancel culture etc. etc.

@loganer thank you for subscribing to our block list


hi @thj , please remove us from your list.

There is two maine reasons:
1) We don't want to be associated with Nazis.
Currently there is like an easy 10 to 15 bad instances on your map (and I didn't even looked at it properly)

2) We don't want to part of a project that promote nazis and adjacent ideology.
Iif you are not deplatforming nazi, you are by default platforming them.

re: Glinner, fediblock 

@ackthrice we have it blocked for a while.
I'm glad you checked, as there so many of those, it never hurt to check


re:, meta 

@kameleonidas look up alex gleason or ask around about him, meta 

We have suspended because they are using soapbox-fe, which is software made for and used by nazi

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Got a copy of wingspan yesterday! And lo and behold, it comes with a discount code for the steam version of the game (30%). I am not going to spend it so let me know if you are interested, and I will send it your way! FCFS :)

@hardcorenarrativist I should have made it stop, but let me know if it still happens somehow

@hardcorenarrativist this is a massive headache and the reason I didn't want to update for so long.

Let see if there is a way to disable this nonsense.
I'll go an approuve that batch for now.
Feel free to approuve as much as you want/can until I figure out a solution for this non sense

@Dm7755 there is a way to migrate accounts. So you keep all your followers etc. but it might not work here.

The documentation is over at
under "Redirecting or moving your profile"

The problem is that we don't run the version that has this feature.

I'll see what I can do to fix this, but it won't be a quick one

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