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Hey folks, there's a VTT looking for freelance writers on the birdsite, link below. I can safely say that €0.08/word is well above the standard rate for pretty much any publisher I know, so who knows, might be useful to some of you?

re: Bring Your Question thread 

@pictor it is behind, mostly because the newer version is broken in many ways.
The biggest challenge to version 4 right now is either break instance on some pages, or force us to change some of the privacy setting which we have in place for a reason.

I think the birdsite fiasco rushed websiteboy to push a new version and lots of bugs came to light too late.

There is more to it, but that's the gist of it

@lordsplodge as I said many time before to different people with similar idea, you would be better off following people.

If you don't know where to start, you should be able to see who I follow, which is confined to the people on this instance, or just look up accounts on from the search, or use the federated TL to see what we are about.

You'll also discover more people that way, as people will boost other people.

/cc @eerko @gpage

re: fediblock 

@drunkcrunkfranken good to know, I might take the risk and look at that instance and unblock it then.

hi @lordsplodge we tend to focus on providing a space that focus on consent.
Every other tech head out there think that the only missing bit for mastodon is a proper search engine and start scraping content without anyone's consent.

The moderation and federation of the posts are also limited leaving us with little choice but to take action such as limiting who can see the public feed for example.

/cc @eerko
& @gpage (thanks for looping us in!)


I'm not checking them to see what they contain, but I've blocked them

hello @taelmoor it is not as per th3 screenshot, but it is in the same area, it should be a plus or a pin in the "hamburger" / 3 horizontal bar menu at the top of the column.

thanks @gpage for the heads up.

on the topic of search 

Tech people that want to give us searchable toots, hear my complain.

I'd love to believe that you want to make this place better.
Start by improving the moderation screen, here is why

Ways it is broken:
* No full text search on the account name, even locally (eg you cannot search bits of the name, only what it starts with)
* Same for the other fields
* Inexistant sorting options (like none
* Cannot search the bio at all
* Nothing around social graph
* (and more)

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Okay boardgame Mastodon, I need your help! Who should I be following on here?

I am looking for designers, content creators, fans. Whoever is into boardgames and is making this Mastodon thing work, I want to be following them. Let's make a thread of this!

@J12t the frist things we will do is discus thbe meta in # fediblockmeta as fediblock is used to name an instance or an individual, please and thank you @dominic


Yet another fedi scrapper:

Time to reset to zero I guess

Did you end up finding some instance what worked ?

@levy here is a good starter list too, again there is likely some you may want to keep federating with, mostly hot garbage tho


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My brother wants to join and I want him to choose an interesting . His interests are mainly , and musical styles like , and . Any suggestions?

re: fediblock 

@larry I think it was scrapped from the about/more page of some mastodon instances (the original author had mentioned how many there was, but I don't remember).


@woof so you misused the tag, got called out for it, then spammed it again in protest?

Your instance about page is saying all shared blocked lists are malicious (in many more words), which is a common view held by lot of the actors in our block list.

If you want to have a fediblock discussion, please use # FediblockMeta, it exactly there for that exact purpose.

Otherwise it does look like concern trolling and a waste of your time + everyone relying on this tag for moderating bad actors.

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Since November, we got a lot new people supporting us, yet we also steadily lost 3-4 a month(change in situation, people moved instances, etc.)

If you have have the means to help, please contribute (links bellow)

It helps covering the cost of the server, but more importantly it helps a real human (in the mod team) with their bill and overall financial situation.

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If you're putting your fedi/masto handle on a website/contact form etc., format it with the external URL (how your profile loads in the browser address bar) rather than how you @-someone inside the client - for example, write:

Rather than:

curator @

That way people will be less likely to mistake it for an email address. ^.^

re: funding 

So far we only had to deal with 400 ish reports, mostly because we have actively (and proactivelly) blocked the worse the internet has to offer.

We also block badly moderated instances.
The constant, extra workload coming from places that do not care for their users micro aggression, do not understand the discourse around transphobia, and rest of the usual BS, is exhausting.

Showing support, including financial one, does help to let us know it is not done for nothing

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