@zookee1 I think it should be blocked from here now :)

re: fediblock, fediadmin, terf platforming, free speech platforming 2 

@bound hello, first thank you for the heads up, it is much appreciated.

I've had a look and it doesn't seems to be using any federation software, so it cannot be blocked from mastodon interface it seems.

any knows the source IP / if anyone published the IP or IP range it is coming from?

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Hi everyone! My name is Ignacio.

I've moved from D&D 5e to Shadow of the Demon Lord. I'm currently obsessed with Ironsworn: and will probably be posting about the game I'm GMing in that system as well as some solo games set in the same universe.

My fav unconventional RPG is . I ran some public games at r/RedditPlaysMicroscope. It was a lot of work so those are done now.

You can also find me on Laserdisc: @Ignacio!

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I'm an amateur blogger, TTRPG game designer and worldbuilder, variety artist (traditional art and pixel art) and videogames modder.

You can find my D&D 5e content at dmsguild.com/browse.php?author and my other games at minakie.itch.io/.

I'm also a neurodivergent queer HSP with aphantasia, who struggles with mental illness on a daily basis.

All info and contacts at minakie.carrd.co/

@ArsenusTV I dont think there is a limit on image size, but it is possible.
Have you tried a diferent image?

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I’m @savevstpk on Twitter, and run the blog Save vs. Total Party Kill. This account exists to talk about D&D and it’s friends. games and all that. I guess I am also obsessed with Warhammer. Who isn’t?

Part of the . Or when we are playing story games.

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I'm German and live in . I have founded a housing project called . I'm an elected representative in the city's integration council. I play , live-action online games, and Indie . I'm interested in societal , and checking my own privileges. I have two kids for whom I wish a world worth living in. I'm a mathematician and work as a strategy consultant for banks on topics from my home office.

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New time!

I'm a French game designer and writer based in Dublin, Ireland. He or They. have been a part of my life forever and of my livelihood since the last century.

If you're not both French and middle-aged, you may know me from , a descendant blending old and new ideas for you to brew to your taste, or , the bric-à brac-adventure gaming slash magazine I edit.

I also love , cruises, and 's work.

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I think I did an a few years ago, during the great G+ Exodus, but I'm back now. I'm a old white guy, with some of the baggage that includes, though I try to be aware of what that means to people around me. I'm a ttrpg gamer started with B/X, and I've been all over the board since then, from White Wolf to GURPs, Fiasco to Champions, and many points in between. These days I love rules light and narrative systems, but I'll play pretty much anything but Pathfinder.

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Hello Tabletop! I’m meandeef and I’m diving into the world of TTRPGs head first! This is all new to me and I’m learning a lot and really excited to play and meet new online friends. Reply with your favorite solo TTRPG - I want to play them all!

Tonight 7pm CST on my stream at twitch.tv/meandeef I’ll be playing some The Long Haul 1983 from Sean Patrick Cain.

I would LOVE to see some community members there so stop by and lurk if you want, chatters welcome too!

@BuyMyMojo @kim Nice of both of you to consider our little server.
I think we are not doing too badly in terms of storage for now, nor CPU cycle (at least the last I heard).

Of course I say that because no one has started to upload hours of videos yet.
If it were to become a problem I'll be sure to make some noise about it.

I love that you care tho

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My first post here, so I wanted to present myself.

Hi, my name is Dimitri K (he/him), but you can find me in the internet as Dimitri, Dr. Givaca (the adorable cow/giraffe hybrid in my pfp).

I'm a portuguese geology student, but my social presence is mostly about me as a roleplayer and game designer. I play almost any game I can try, but am a passionate defender of One-Roll Engine and GM-less/full games.

I also write my own games and post in my blog about whatever comes to mind.

@Twibbit there isn't such things as cloging tabletop.social, but having an alt is part of what makes the fediverse so unique, power to you

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Time for my first ever !

I'm Mojo and I'm a jr software/game developer from down under 🇦🇺.
I've been playing D&D 5e for about 4 years, artificer is my main class when not DMing, and have been interesting in the Cyberpunk tabletop games and Warhammer more recently.

I 3D print with plastic and resin, paint minis play games and code useless programs in my spare time.

I can't wait to meet everyone else here! :d20:

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I’m here, hoping to find a different kind of social space (although I still lurk on that bird site). Cheers to less doom-scrolling and more delight-scrolling.

I teach and enjoy Live

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Hi! I'm @sev. My favorite is but I don't have a favorite skin - I mostly MC. I also love .

I'm a trained and to a teenager. We have two anxious rescue . I'm a ciswoman living in the region of the US, on unceded Duwamish territory. Sometimes I practice arts like aerials, juggling, & german wheel. In the past I've been a sysad & a software developer.

I can also be found at @sev@weirder.earth.

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Long introduction post 

Old is old, let's make it new.

I'm Joystick_Hero, aka "Brandon" I guess if you run to me as a regular non-internet person. I use He/Him pronouns.

Perpetually online. I stream a couple days a week on , spend many other days running or participating in . Love to perform for people, be it or supporting others in interesting talks. Currently working in IV&V for a SMR company, love to talk about it if people have questions

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I'm a fortyish English teacher and tabletop roleplayer from Portugal.

I'm really into tRPGs and have been playing since the mid-90s.

I'm also a founding member of a local tRPG community called "Roleplayers de Lisboa".

In the past I've designed a bunch of minimalistic tRPGs based on World of Dungeons and for years I have been developing "Heróis Modernos", a super-hero comic book creating game.

Here's hoping we can interact and even play together in the future!

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