on the topic of search 

Tech people that want to give us searchable toots, hear my complain.

I'd love to believe that you want to make this place better.
Start by improving the moderation screen, here is why

Ways it is broken:
* No full text search on the account name, even locally (eg you cannot search bits of the name, only what it starts with)
* Same for the other fields
* Inexistant sorting options (like none
* Cannot search the bio at all
* Nothing around social graph
* (and more)

falgn0n AT librenet.co.za for usual bs (antivax, conspiracy theory, etc.)

I think that's the admin, so the whole instance and their peertube into the blocklist they go


Turns out there is an easy way to figure out who's ok with nazi iconography.

As an admin, go to this URI /admin/custom_emojis?utf8=✓&shortcode=pepe&by_domain= and find who belongs in your block list

meta, admin, no nazi, no terf, etc. 

We had a bit of a back log of instance to block.
It took us a bit of time to get round to do them, but we are finally up to date.
(See the screenshot of the 24 new instances we blocked)

There are your usual freespeach activist, your nazi, your terf, your kin hater, etc. they can all trebuchet themselves to the sun.

Every admin that come and whine about free speech will see their instance blocked, thank you.

(kudos to all the other admins doing the hard work)

Not too sure about that Mik and Kris.
Might a bit obsested

tabletop social instances and person ban 

The following person has been blocked under:


The list of instance is in the 1st image.

The 2nd image is an example of bad toot.
The homophobic toot will not be copied, ask for receipt.

If you are in Birmingham for UKGE, stop by the playtest area and get in touch if you want some of that sticker goodness.

If you are at the UK Game Expo, stop by and get yourself a sticker huhuhu

Look what we got ourselves :)
See tabletop.social/about to know what it is all about

Thanks @dona for the beautifull art.

Dona was hard at work and send a quick email with a WIP: "Here's an update on the painting! It's in a bit of an awkward stage where everything blends in a bit, but there will be more light and such soon"

The metadata is back on tabletop.social.
If you wondered why it didn't work before, there was a bug.

Thanks for the people that repported it.

Hello world 

glitch-soc features ?

- Bookmarks (as well as the fav/star)
- Images inside the CW spoiler [1]
- Fullwidth images [1]
- Collapsible toots [2]
- Local only toots (so only to public to the local tabletop.social timeline) [3]
- Ability to only consume original content (hidding boost) [4]
- More way to add flavour to the instance.
- Draw something

[0] See images (🔖)
[1] glitch-soc.github.io/docs/feat
[2] glitch-soc.github.io/docs/feat
[3] glitch-soc.github.io/docs/feat
[4] glitch-soc.github.io/docs/feat

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