Hello world 

Hello Fediverse,

We are a small, new, specialised mastodon instance.
We hope to be another safe and welcoming place for both new comers and existing mastodon users.

This is our thread.

Hello world 

Who is for?

We are here to host the tabletop community as a whole.
We welcome everyone that wants to be part of the community, casual gamers, hobbists, LARPers, game designers and publishers, RPG caracters, artists, writers, vlogers, podcasters, reviewers and more.

We also welcome generic user, people that don't play games. If anything you might find yourself a new hobby.

Hello world 

What for?

This is a place to be you, with your aspirations, your emotions, your bad days and your good days.

We truly hope that this is a place to have interesting conversation, meaningfull interaction and make genuine connection with all of what makes of the hobby.

We encourage you to share, to err on the side of over communication if you can.
It is also a place to be mindful, to interact where welcome and invited.

Hello world 

What is not for?

We do not welcome toxic behaviour.
Here is a small list of behaviour that will get you banned without warning:
- homophobia
- transphobia
- racism
- sexism
- etc.

We stand by and will enforce our rules and etiquette.
We strongly encourage you to have a good read.

Short version:
Long version:

Genuine people can make mistakes at times, that's ok if you are willing to learn from it and better yourself.

Hello world 

What's the 500 character gist of the rule and etiquette?

- Always ask for consent and be respectful (of people and their time)
- Mastodon has Content Warning (CW), use them for sensitive content (but also to give an option to your readership, to make jokes, to label your thread etc.)
- Don't pollute the public timeline with blatant marketing.
- Harassment and Threats results in direct ban.
- Ideologies about repression of people based on race, gender identity, sexuality. It's a ban.

Hello world 

I already use mastodon, why

There are other instance that provide the hobby a home, that said mastodon is about decentralisation, so we should not rely on having one instance.
(See other space

We have the usual mastodon feature, like custom emoji, which we tend to use to its full potential.
Since is based on glitch-soc, we have a few features that generic mastodon don't have.

Hello world 

glitch-soc features ?

- Bookmarks (as well as the fav/star)
- Images inside the CW spoiler [1]
- Fullwidth images [1]
- Collapsible toots [2]
- Local only toots (so only to public to the local timeline) [3]
- Ability to only consume original content (hidding boost) [4]
- More way to add flavour to the instance.
- Draw something

[0] See images (🔖)

Hello world 

On allowing self promotion, companies accounts and games accounts ?

We believe that games and tabletop companies have their place on the fediverse.
We mean this in a very specific way:
- Your fan base can reach you from the fediverse and start conversation.
- You can make anouncement to your fan base only.

We think actual games account and companies account, provided they follow similar policy to bots are allowed.
We have a policy here to cover the details:

Hello world 

On moderation

We are currently a team of 1 (one) moderator.
Allow up to 24 hours for moderation, answers, etc. as I still need to sleep & work.

Disclosure: we are white, hetero, european, male, able, mostly neurotypical.
That comes with all its bias, yet we strive to see past them.
Do call us out on these bias.

We are activelly looking for moderation team members that would add more different points of view and life experiences.

Admins can DM and/or followup by email.

Hello world 

Shout out 1/n

This place is only possible due to the hard work of and all of the mastodon contributors, including the hard work of the glitch-soc contributor and community 👋​ @bea

We also use the fantastic service of @hugo for hosting.

We used the block list from @dzuk : @blockchain
We based our rules on's one. We based our bots and marketing policy on @unascribed from

Hello world 

shout out 2/n

The avatar picture and our custom fluffly friends are from @Famine

The Fluffy friends with the cards is a modification is from 's fluffy friend and was modified by @Famine

Stay tuned for more custom art.

Hello world 

shout out 3/n

This instance uses Mutant Standard emoji, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The link to Mutant Standard
The link to their mastodon account @mutantstd
The link to the license

We copied a whole bunch of emojos, but they don't carry metadata, we will try to attribute all of them here as time goes by.

Hello world 

shout out 4/n

The "" header was made by Dark Lavender Void @DarkLavenderVoid @darklavendrvoid .
The license is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. See details here:

@host your avatar is cute ;)

Welcome to the fediverse! 💞

@href thanks!
I wonder if you heard about the great artist that made the avatar (and the fluffy friends): @Famine
You should definitelly check them out :D

@host @href :D hahahaha it made me smile in the morning, achievement unblocked

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