Instance admin that go "that person in my instance is a known source of harm but we wont do anything about it until after they break the CoC of our instance" are the plague of the fediverse

@host ooooofffff yeah. I mean I saw a few people over at one instance that I know are known toxic peeps and abusers from twitter. And they... Are networking steadily.

That's the first block I gave on mastodon where I hoped I won't be needing to block.

@ordoalea feel free to report them, as we can block those people for everyone

On reporting accounts 

@ordoalea of course, that most of what we get report wise.

You can report people, let the mods here at know about people that make you feel uncomfortable.
We will then decide what we do with the accounts in question.

You can also forward the report to the mods of the other instance (its a tick box) , so that they can decide what they want to do with the toot you are reporting

@host Well, that allows troll to "game the system".

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