Notes on privacy 

Hi all,

I've seen a few toot like this : and I think it is worth clarifying.

The only person that can see your DMs on TTS are:
* the people you send it to.
* the admins of TTS when you report a DM you received.
* the admin of the other instance when a DM is reported and explicitly forwared on the report.
* the admins of TTS when someone reports and forward that report of your DM.
* The person that runs the infrastructure with their DB crendentials.



re: Notes on privacy 

None of the mods here have access to the database.
The 3rd party in charge of our infrastructure does have access to it, like they have access to the other 100s of instance they technically manage.

All of that to say that you can still have some expectation of privacy, but that privacy is nuanced by the need of efficient moderation tools.

If you need more robust, encrypted, alternative communication tool for DM like conversation, I would suggest you use signal


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