Turns out there is an easy way to figure out who's ok with nazi iconography.

As an admin, go to this URI /admin/custom_emojis?utf8=✓&shortcode=pepe&by_domain= and find who belongs in your block list


@host although I do have that association myself, I have the impression that some people want to "reclaim" those emojis. I wouldn't be so sure it's a good rule of thumb (anymore?).


@hardcorenarrativist @host yeah I have the same impression myself


@hardcorenarrativist haha fuck this it's always trash and always will be


@host here's a command-line version you can point to any masto domain. It is possible to disable this so not all domains will respond with a list:

curl -s | jq .[].shortcode | sort

pop any masto domain in place of that domain name.

re: fediblock 

@host That's kinda genius. I'm definitely doing that.

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