We have defederated from

Apparently they prefer to coddle to nazi troll than deplatforming them


@host Did yall report that person? How did artalley admin respond?


We made a well detailed report at 1am.
Artalley admin told @romainelaprophetesse they would "check it out" a hour later [1] but they didn't do shit.
We are going to defederate from them too. This place is not safe at all.



re: fediblock 


we have not reported the user, we have not talk to the admin.
We have payed attention to this instance behavior in the past though.

I don't believe that art alley's admin(s) is engaging with other admin in good faith.

Since it is the second time that they seem to engage in bad faith, they eat a block.

The # fediblock is because I am fed up with bad moderation that make the fedi a hostile place.


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