[Play From Home] Skull #PlayFromHome 

Skull is a game you can play and even make at home.
In the next toot, I'll talk about what you need to do to make it.

* 3 to 6 players
* Age: 8+
* 10-30 minutes
* Not complex / simple

You can DL the rules and watch videos on how to play on Boardgame Geek boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/92

Designer: Hervé Marly
Artists: Rose Kipik, Thomas Vuarchex


[Play From Home] Skull #PlayFromHome 

So what do you need to make your own game of skull?

You need the mat that is the way to count the points and cards to play the game.

* Mat: Anything that is a square 10x10 cm ish. One side must be plain, one side must be colourful.
Only have some cereal packs? that will do. Only have books? that'll do. The sides needs to be well different.

* Cards: The game has 4 round coaster like 8cm diameter cards. 3 black and 1 red playing card would do

[Play From Home] Skull #PlayFromHome 

Re: the cards, the only important part is that you have 3 of the same (roses in the game) and 1 that is different (skull in the game).

You can go very creatives designing your own cards.
Since all the sets can be different, you can do collage with takeaway flyer, Frozen stickers, drawing, painting, etc. for the same game.

Making the game is a nice activity in itself.

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