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Here is the latest set of instance blocked by Corporate fanbase Fascist Fascist Fascist / unmoderated : Fascist : Gab : Gab

let me know if you have any question.
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re: meta, instance block, kiwifarm 

Here is a new set of nazi/kiwifarm related instances Nazi : Nazi : Nazi

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@host I'm going to add to the justifications of some of these "kiwifarms adjacent"

re: meta, instance block 

@lawremipsum you go right ahead :war_hammer: meta, instance block 

@ninad @host I'll leave this link here as a starting point for you in case you are honestly curious about why some instances are blocked. Please don't interact with me further about this. (I'm tired of discussing this topic) meta, instance block 

@host what does gab mean in this context?

re: meta, instance block 

re: meta, instance block 

@host I had no idea this was a thing, thank you for clarifying!

re: meta, instance block 

@flip if you want a list of those instance: this bot is quite helpful

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