Anybody out there know of any good youtube (or equivalent) channels or podcasts about #boardgame and #ttrpg design?

Like GMTK but for #tabletop games I guess, NOT just reviews, like looking at mechanics and theming and all that good stuff


I think the most mechanical one I know is Ludology.

I love boardgame in bed, but it is very light and not exactly what you are looking for.

I know the boargame design lab podcast has quite a few good episode that covers specific mechanics. has nice things on the industry (so everything else that needs to happend to make games).

Mark Rosewater has a good podcast that sometime covers mechanics

Board Game University old episode were good.

Ah thanks, I'll have a look at those, minus the business ones, I'm just a hobbyist I dont have any interest in that side of things. Looks like there are a few interesting deep dives around though

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