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Content Warning / CW 

Also it is a fabulous tool.

You can add them/remove them/change them on every toot.

You can make jokes.

You can give your toot context.

You can tell it is a thread, or where you are in a thread.

You can derail a thread and give the original poster a chance to not read your ramblings.

You can tell secrets, only interested people will hear.

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Content Warning / CW 

Use them, use them a lot.

If you think about 'does this need a CW', then it does.

Things you dont want to show to your kids, your mom, your sister in law, they need CW.

Things that are a phobia, food, blood, body horror, heavy topic, politics, death, health related stuff, upsetting story, they need a CW.

This is also not a 'maybe'.
To keep the place nice, we all need to make an effort.
We need to be deliberate about giving people a chance to opt in on those topic.


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Hello world 

Hello Fediverse,

We are a small, new, specialised mastodon instance.
We hope to be another safe and welcoming place for both new comers and existing mastodon users.

This is our thread.


complained about cancel culture etc. etc., meta 

We have suspended because they are using soapbox-fe, which is software made for and used by nazi

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Got a copy of wingspan yesterday! And lo and behold, it comes with a discount code for the steam version of the game (30%). I am not going to spend it so let me know if you are interested, and I will send it your way! FCFS :)

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happy to be among a community of gamers

in decreasing order of things I do, I'm into:
- ttrpgs (I've been v v belatedly getting into DCC, but I'm a fan of lots of other weird, story-game type things)
- board games
- computer games (used to be one of my main things, now I find it harder to find the time)

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Hi all! I'm looking to learn a good boardgame that is available on line and play it with soneone. (I'm currently playing Pax Porifiriana at
At home, I like solo games like Mage Knight, 7th Continent, and Gloomhaven. My current game is Gloom of Kilforth. I'm lucky to be able to set up a game, play it for a while, leave it and return to it later without having to put it away.

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Would anyone like to play some board games on Tabletop Simulator at 1 pm Pacific time?

(It is 11:18 am when I'm posting this, so in just under 2 hours)

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Would anyone like to play some board games on Tabletop Simulator at 1 pm Pacific time?

(It is 11:18 am when I'm posting this, so in just under 2 hours)

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Moving to I hope it will work better for my arts.

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first experiences: two sessions of OD&D over roll20 so far ...

  • we used discord audio chat, as roll20 chat was unreliable (why? isn't both webrtc?)

  • I still prefer rolling real dice, just trust everyone!

  • Prepping seems to be more work - maps, char sheets, quite fiddly ...

  • drawing (hex)maps as you go is a pain ... I found it very disruptive, as it just takes too long

  • it's much harder to "read the table"

  • I find it more tiring. Don't plan sessions longer than 3 hours!

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@kensanata how about jitsi + some collaborative drawing pad? Personally I don't think I need a dice bot. I trust my players to just roll their own real dice.
@anahata @invisivel

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[Play From Home] Skull #PlayFromHome 

Re: the cards, the only important part is that you have 3 of the same (roses in the game) and 1 that is different (skull in the game).

You can go very creatives designing your own cards.
Since all the sets can be different, you can do collage with takeaway flyer, Frozen stickers, drawing, painting, etc. for the same game.

Making the game is a nice activity in itself.

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[Play From Home] Skull #PlayFromHome 

So what do you need to make your own game of skull?

You need the mat that is the way to count the points and cards to play the game.

* Mat: Anything that is a square 10x10 cm ish. One side must be plain, one side must be colourful.
Only have some cereal packs? that will do. Only have books? that'll do. The sides needs to be well different.

* Cards: The game has 4 round coaster like 8cm diameter cards. 3 black and 1 red playing card would do

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[Play From Home] Skull #PlayFromHome 

Skull is a game you can play and even make at home.
In the next toot, I'll talk about what you need to do to make it.

* 3 to 6 players
* Age: 8+
* 10-30 minutes
* Not complex / simple

You can DL the rules and watch videos on how to play on Boardgame Geek

Designer: Hervé Marly
Artists: Rose Kipik, Thomas Vuarchex


Did anyone started a hashtag on way's to play stuff while at home, potentially when self-isolating?

Should we do that ?

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how about the ability to hide individual posts i don't want to see, without blocking anyone or muting anything. sometimes there's just a single outlier post and i don't want to make any permanent changes to my account over it. facebook has such a feature ("see fewer posts like this" obviously irrelevant) @Gargron

(this is not a subtoot of anyone following me on this account)

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