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Hello Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I'm an indie game Dev and an active speaker against cyberbullying. Feel free to reach out! 🧙​

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I'm new here, and in order to discover new things I wanted to launch the hashtag , where we talk about a game we like and why we like it.

So I wanted to talk about 'In, it's a boardgame of workers placement where the order of our actions matters. Each player on their turn can put or remove one or several workers on the teeth of a cog that will turn each turn. Allowing the player to do different actions.

I like this game for it's aesthetics and for the strategy involved.

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Hi all , brand new to this but giving it a looking at. I am writing a series of rpg and table top rules, and when i work stuff out ill post a link to the beta version for people to have a play with

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Hey all! This is my . I'm coming here because I've been trying to get into RPGs for many years, and am still on it! I like the idea of collaborative and improvised fiction in the context of a game with friends.
I've played (and DMed sometimes) a couple of short unfinished games (D&D, SWN, CoC).
I hope that getting to hang out in in the same space as role-playing aficionados will give me some inspiration. :)
Anyway, looking forward to meet you! 🌻​

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Hey everyone, making an

I've got my whole life of tabletop gaming experience (having teen parents gave me a headstart on a lot of things) and run games as much as I play them. In the past few years I realized that I wasn't in the DM game alone and starting opening up to asking questions and seeing what others were doing, and now here I am. I hope I learn a lot from you and give you something to learn as well.

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Just made my first blog post with a at:

Trying out, though it looks like that instance doesn't have Federated posts as an option, so I might have to self host a instance instead...anyone have any thoughts?

is welcome (on either the blog post or the question)!

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My :

I'm emsenn - - and I'm a writer and developer with a few accounts in the Fediverse. This one is for talking about tabletop role-playing games, which usually will mean:
- , my ruleset derived from , focused on being good for actual-play podcasting.
- , my fantasy canon where I set most of my roleplaying adventures.
- , a series of fictions set in Teraum, potentially an upcoming podcast.

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My latest D&D 5e character !
Name: Ravka Redrum
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: female (Red) Dragonborn
Class: lvl2 Paladin & lvl2 Hexblade.
Background: Exiled

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Hello everyone, time for an ! I don't have enough friends to play DnD but I am an enthusiast from the sidelines (same with Dystopia Rising!).

I love my original characters and stories, and focus on queer themes as well as politics, mental illness and trauma. I'll share some concept art of characters and comics and blather on about them here.

I LOVE drawing people's original characters so I will happily make a commissions sheet if interested!

Nice to meet you all!

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Fábio Costa, from Brazil

Fate supporter, Podcaster, started at '89 with GURPS and started on GM with Fighting Fantasy at' 93

On other hobbies /info : IT worker, mainframes (zOS, Linux on z, Java), Linux user, Cosplayer, amateur photographer, podcaster, race fan, Indycar fan, Nintendo Switch owner

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Hello everyone! im new from here! i still don't know how to fully use Mastodon yet, so i hope i won't screw anything up.
Also english isn't my mother language so expect a lot of grammar errors too ^^;

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looking for an open game.

i like dnd v3.5

and whitewolf games

but i'm open to anything i can get the pdf's for

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Here's my to Mastodon. Hi everyone! I'm hoping to start designing some D&D and Fate-based content that I can share with all of you fine folks. Until then, I'll just lurk a bit and see what other people have going on. :)

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If you are in the market for a really nice piece of custom artwork, especially a custom avatar, do yourself a favor and commission one from @artisticfennec

Here is mine.

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Hey, guess what?

I got my proof copy for the print-on-demand version of and it looks gorgeous!

Now I just have to go through the process of making it available for purchase on DTRPG, which apparently is a process?

Anyway, pics:

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Hey all! I'm new here. What games do you play? I'm big into Keyforge at the moment.

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post in mastodon, kinda new with this platform. I'm finding new interest with table top games by our recent plays last Christmas with my college friends. I'm excited to find interesting games to try and to have new insights about board games through this community. Nice to meet you all!~

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My own five page Fate variant to play in ancient Mesopotamia. In German! 🇩🇪 🇦🇹🇨🇭 (from 2011, revised in 2013)

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Long time no post; I've been doing everything on main - but for y'all tabletop people, I have a blog now!

My first two posts are a class for OSR games and some tables for magical scars; please feel free to use them and leave comments!

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