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Content Warning / CW 

Also it is a fabulous tool.

You can add them/remove them/change them on every toot.

You can make jokes.

You can give your toot context.

You can tell it is a thread, or where you are in a thread.

You can derail a thread and give the original poster a chance to not read your ramblings.

You can tell secrets, only interested people will hear.

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Content Warning / CW 

Use them, use them a lot.

If you think about 'does this need a CW', then it does.

Things you dont want to show to your kids, your mom, your sister in law, they need CW.

Things that are a phobia, food, blood, body horror, heavy topic, politics, death, health related stuff, upsetting story, they need a CW.

This is also not a 'maybe'.
To keep the place nice, we all need to make an effort.
We need to be deliberate about giving people a chance to opt in on those topic.


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Hello world 

Hello Fediverse,

We are a small, new, specialised mastodon instance.
We hope to be another safe and welcoming place for both new comers and existing mastodon users.

This is our thread.

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Hey folks, here's my ! I'm a miniature painter and war/skirmish gamer that's a big fan of narrative play and making dioramas!

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I'm a 40+ year old GM who's been.running since I was a little kid in the mid 80s. I have run/played in so many systems they all kinda run together.

Currently I'm running , but I tinker with Torg, Rune Quest, loads of FATE and PbtA, and a hint of Forged in the Dark.

Big inflences in me are Exalted, Dark Sun, Planescape, Spelljammer, Cybergeneration, Heavy Gear, RIFTS, and Trinity/Aberrant.

Here is my current shelf. Not included is my D&D stuff elsewhere.

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Diamond Chess, the Berlin variant is almost like "normal" Chess, but the board is turned by 45° (white squares at the players side). The pieces are placed in the opposing corners, like shown in the illustration.
Players can't just reel off their trained openings, engines are useless.
The positioning of the board gives space for drinks and ashtray left and right of the players corner - very handy sitting at smaller bar-tables.

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Hi all, I'm a relative tabletop newbie. Somehow dodged D&D throughout my entire youth, despite really wanting to try it, but picked up roleplaying in my mid 30s. Currently into storytelling and PbtA games. I'm also a writer on a MUD, and make interactive video projection installations when inspiration strikes. Shooting for "(un)cool gay aunt" vibes at all times. :thinkergunsunglasses:

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Howdy, I’m an old ass millennial. I started playing tabletop RPGs when I was a preteen and have been playing off and on since then. I am recently getting back into the hobby and I’ve been spending a lot of time pouring over the details of 5e (which I like a lot!) I am running a 1:1 game right now for my wife which has been a really interesting experience. I anticipate I am going to talk about that a lot and also general musings about how gaming shaped my life

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Mutual aid (financial) request 

Hi all, hate to do this, especially this time of year but SAD, brain worms, and lack of sick pay at work is kicking my ass, so any help would be appreciated.

Buy my books (kindle royalties take 3 months to clear so itch is preferred!) if you want something back for your donation:

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Hi all! I'm an Australian FATE and Pathfinder 2e GM and am currently working on a simple self-hosted virtual tabletop application for my friends and I to use.

I'm a hobbyist Rust developer and sysadmin, and self-host my own version control and backup solution.

If you've got questions relating to any of the FATE systems, 2e, programming, or GMing in general, hit me up ☺️.

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If you could potentially be harmed or triggered in any way by images of violence and gore linked with the attacks on NB and trans fedi folk right now, I highly suggest you temporarily turn off notifications and DMs from people you don't follow. You can find these settings in your preferences under notifications at the very bottom.

Stay safe.

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Dangerous spam alert: Watch out for unexpected DMs which claim that "Someone cloned your profile." The link points to a malware site.

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Hello, my name's Peter, I'm Polish but I live in Vancouver, BC now.

New to Mastodon, not new to gaming.

Started playing with WFRP 1ed back in 1998, quickly moved on to homebrew worlds. Loved Call of Cthulhu since the 5th edition. After a 10 year hiatus I got back to the hobby with OSRs, FATE (Mindjammer), and curiosity about D&D 5E, Numenera and Runequest.
Writing my crazy OSR inspired thing.
, , and

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Even though I now have my own instance with nobody else here I guess I'll do an #introduction :

My name is Lena, and I like to play board games, card games, video games, making music and of course.. ~worldbuilding~ (including conlanging)

I currently have 0 worlbuilding project though as I have shelved all the ones I worked on in the past. Hoping to get that inspiration spart again #soon.

#worldbuilding #conlanging #conlang #conlangs

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Hello! I am new to Mastodon. Very glad to have somewhere cozy to hang my hat. 😁​
Been playing for about a decade, mostly but also plenty of & homebrew stuff. Way into board games as well (Catan is life).
I have a homegrown system/setting in the works, but it's been on the backburner. Kind of a neo-Southern Gothic punk setting based on folklore from the American South (I'm from MS, live in AR). Will post here if I decide to update/publish.

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Hello there!
I'm Gorsh, long time RPG player, somewhat newer boardgame player, and new to mastodon; trying to quit Fb for good but keep some RPG talk spaces that have nice communities.
I mostly play non-D&D stuff, and my sweet spot is somewhere where indie games and crunchy sim collide; if such a thing exists. But I also enjoy at least as food-for-thought any game design that pushes the envelope of what RPGs are about.
As for me; I go by he/him, and I'm a spanish speaker first.

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My name is Zhang Dianli. I'm half-German, half-Chinese currently living in central China (where I have been for the past two decades).

I used to do a lot of tabletop RPGs beginning in 1978 with the *Dungeons & Dragons* "blue box", but the dearth of RPG gamers here has changed my focus to my second love: traditional card games.

I like to chat about card games, RPGs, board games … pretty much any game that's not fiddly wargames or video games, really.

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Hello, I'm new to and starting off with D&D. I've done a couple of sessions but I'm already thinking this is something I'd do forever if I could. This is turning out to be one of those spaces where my stage fright doesn't consume me and my social anxiety is down to a minimum.

I'm a bi writer/editor living near Toronto. This isn't my main; only for ttrpg stuff. Say hi!

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Good day everyone, some of you might know me from Twitter or Facebook. I'm Filip, a Croatian Zagorec game developer that is working on some Balkan takes on games. So far I made my first ever commercial ttrpg: Domains Horror Roleplaying System.

I'm a major for print tech and layout so I also do that, along with offset printing preprations.

Furthermore I'm a Cultural Consultant for south slavic rodovereje and mythology.

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

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I'm Troy (Capheind) and i hoard weird dice. This is a new RPG focused alt im trying out. I'm Capheind in alotta places.

@Capheind nerd
@Capheind Other RPG
@Capheind gardening

I love Roleplaying Games, Fudge/Fate, Some of the OSR, Indy stuff, most things that aren't WotC era DnD.

I used to host Plus or Minus.

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So today we reviewed our boardgame collection and are thinking of selling wingspan. I like it a lot, but we don't quite play it to justify the limited shelf space we have. Is anyone interested? I will ship to anywhere in Europe (have to check in the price with my local post), and will sell the game for 40€! Boosts appreciated!

On supporting a better software than mastodon 

Today it came to light than mastodon is quite poor as a software.

If you'd like to fund a better alternative, which we trully need, you may consider supporting this person/project

We havent tried the software yet, but it seems to be coming along nicelly and would benefit from more supporters.

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Asking for money (fixed link) 

Hi all, hate to have to do this again.
I have had to take a lot of sick leave from work lately for chronic ph and mh. Because healthcare companies know the value of ill health, they don't pay sick leave! I'm out a 1/4 of my paycheck this month which will make things pretty difficult so anything you can give is appreciated! Boosting is nice if you can't spare anything :)


Buy my book:

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