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the left @ the the far right: Hey, the right is doing a nazis and also capitalism is bad

right-wingers: This is SLANDER, how DARE you make such HEINOUS ACCUSATIONS!

the right @ the far left: The far left are using witchcraft and communism to turn our children into a bunch of gender-fluid multicultural socialists!

left-wingers: man I fukin wish we were doin that. That'd be rad as hell

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@hommestead Munchkin for the win! ...I'm sure that humble card game could be turned into a pretty respectable drinking game 🤔​

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@hommestead Nice! I also live in the greater Portland area, so that's pretty neat. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Like imagine being Bernie and actually thinking yes, i am the best choice here

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No job, farm mortgage due, help save the alpacas 19 Feb: and stuff: 2 trans pride bracelets, 1 6", 1 7", both $20 ea; rainbow hand armor, $30, I have 2; rainbow badge lanyard, $25, 1 avail; rainbow stretch necklace, designed for nursing mothers to give baby something to grab other than mommy's hair, 1 avail, $40. Shipping included in price. paypal.me/tarlimanjoppos
help if you can, boost if you can't, tnx

Has anyone seen 1001 Odesseys in person? Sounds like an interesting take on a lite, GM-less RPG.

My partner and I are avid boardgamers here in Portland, Or. Currently playing Scythe, Fog of Love, Timestories, and more Munchkin than I'll generally admit.

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