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someday, somehow, I want to play a caster that has a Metroid familiar.

cuz Metroids are adorable, fight me.

boost this toot and I'll do nothing but it'll make my brain feel good

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Hi. I was linked to Mastodon via NonCompete on youtube, and I decided to check it out.
My name is Brian, I'm 23, he/they, I play a lot of D&D online, and I'm currently studying for a 2-year degree in game design.

I enjoy strategy & card games, I'm an amateur artist, and I have a special interest in psychology, communications, ethics and game theory.

Also I'm entirely new to mastodon, so apologies in advance for not knowing how anything works :P

I continue my work on kid-friendly -based -style soccer .

I now have experimental mechanics for moving, controlling the ball, shoving minifigs of the way.

I still need mechanics for shooting and passing the ball, kicking off and, er, dismantling minifigs.

If anybody wants to help, the doc is here: . I have 6 days to fulfill my promise :)

Also, I apparently promised to call this game , so I guess that's the official name.

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Proposition to add '~' into official grammar for punctuation?

Because I do this way too much~

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Yeah i play chess. I'm a bishop main

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Me: I'm tired and underslept

Also me: I wanna boost all the things

homebrew game design folks - what ways do you use to share your content? not really looking to put things on DMs Guild yet, and making money off of them would be cool but not necessary. i know Gumroad is a thing but like, if you're starting from zero presence, is it worth setting up a webstore?

local nerd has so far managed to avoid opening tumblr

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