Anybody know if there's a way to change your display name on ?

Because I kinda wanna switch to "Booping Scorpions".

still workin'. can't stop workin'. won't stop workin'.

workin' = staring at a page, completely incapable of writing anything down, then giving up and going back to Terraria.

Dramatic backstories are great until everyone in the party is an orphan with a chip on their shoulder and is looking for their own personal antagonist who burned down their village or killed their parents or stole their secret family heirloom or ect...

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can't believe developers are pandering to the SJWs yet again. i mean look at this, half the characters are black! and the woman is the strongest character in the game! my immersion is totally ruined, god.

Hey everyone, making an

I've got my whole life of tabletop gaming experience (having teen parents gave me a headstart on a lot of things) and run games as much as I play them. In the past few years I realized that I wasn't in the DM game alone and starting opening up to asking questions and seeing what others were doing, and now here I am. I hope I learn a lot from you and give you something to learn as well.

was just behind a car with a license plat that said "ULAMOG"

Adventurer: Behold, I have slain the Mighty Dragon and claimed its vast treasure for you good people

Villager: Idiot. You've destroyed the economy is what you've done.

Adventurer: what

Villager: inflation on my crops is gonna be a nightmare. Fuck you.

want to get back into writing so have been binge watching youtube vids with titles like ~WORST BOOK EVER DO NOT READ~ and tbh its confidence boosting because i know i will never write an erotic romance about bigfoot

@fadenuggets who would ever write such a terrible thing. What's the title of this awful book. I need it for research.

Yeah. Research. That's all.

@artisticfennec I am not cute! How dare you!

I am god damn FABULOUS. And don't you forget it. :P

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Someone put together this whole huge -inspired tabletop with a really nice, formatted 278-page core rulebook plus supplemental books! I don't know if I'd ever get enough friends together to actually play it, but man, it looks amazing! It's a shame they can't make money off it because of the IP...

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