1: what would your dear shapeshifting husbando think, knowing that you went to Mr. Markhov... when HE could have just turned into Mr. Markhov?
2: Vamp Time with Sorin Markhov needs to be a fucking podcast.

@ossifog the orks are actually super interesting! They're a race of fungi biologically engineered to thrive on warfare and adrenaline. :D

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@isengrim Take a day off. Rest. Relax. Allow yourself to chill. It'll help.

@isengrim That lady is gonna chop me in half, and by the gods, I'm gonna be rock hard when she does.

for the first time in forever, i have managed to write more than a few lines of anything.

I wrote four pages of campaign setting today.

Today was a good day.

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@WilliamAdcock One of the sayings I try to live by is to separate a creator and their work. I think JonTron is a racist, egotistical jackass, but I still enjoy his show, for example.

...so pirate the fuck outta that asshole's stuff, and encourage others to do so as well. :P




Dnd is awesome, i have a wonderful dm

and Korina has had a shift of personality, and goals. With a new goal out of spite. and... well..

Lets hope i can play a cooler korina. Don't think I can but I hope i can.

ya know we really need more characters wearing long tattered cloaks on top of armor cause that's just a real goddamn look

@SpaceCat Assembling and painting them before you sell can drive the price up beyond the unassembled retail price. ;)

@SpaceCat but then you cant put all the models together yourseeeelf. :P

...and honestly, that's the most fun part for me. I love assembling fresh models.

23: No one, on either account, at least right now.
24: Mechanics! I love creating the underlying gears and cogs of games.
25: What?
26: The one I'm posting this on, tabletop.social.
27: I don't. Not yet, at least. I have no idea how. ._.
28: Youtube. I have music playing whenever I'm writing, and it really helps me with my focusing problem.
29: I've noticed a few 80's/90's retro trends going around, especially in L&L. I LOVE the aesthetic, and I hope we get more of it. :D
30: ...erase FATAL.

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