@librarydm *scoots over seductively*
hey i happen to have a pretty open-source game system making system that could be worked into a terarararara rpg you wanna make it with me?

@softmetals awfully bold of you to assume there will be enough left of me to bury.

@jskellogg Yes, because the "key element" should've been laid out so that the caution wasn't necessary from the start. It's important to idiot-proof your work. :/

[JK Rowling's head emerges slowly from my cereal bowl]

Me: "What the f-"

Rowling: "Snape liked getting pegged"

Hooray! I enjoy causing characters to have existential crises! :D

@daisy_todd There are games that do that. I can't remember any of them, but I know they exist.

I really ought to be working on my own systems... but I'm having too much fun planning out my 5e campaign.

...and telling myself that I can't really do anything else on my systems until I get artwork to use on a Kickstarter campaign.


So all the successful, famous, financially-stable folks of were given four million bucks? That's cool I guess.

I'll just be over here with the rest of the too-poor-for-healthcare creators getting maybe a sale per week and a sprinkling of "five bucks is too much" complaints.

Help keep this goat on a small family farm. Lost my day job and the mortgage is due. Goat assistance to PayPal.me/tarlimanjoppos. Hard to get non blurry photos of small goat. These are the best I could do before coffee.

Playin' this quality floof in my next 5e game... whenever/wherever it is. Anyone got a name for this wholesome sheepy boi?

so my father knows a guy looking to start a big gaming business, and wants to hook me up with him as a designer.

hot damn <3

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