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Arcanik, Religious Birds 

my star wars OCs:
* Dank Skrillex
* Queefo
* Grand Admiral Sans'under'tale
* Fister Byst
* Ed Sheeran
* Stronk Keggels
* Waas Updog

for the first time in forever, i have managed to write more than a few lines of anything.

I wrote four pages of campaign setting today.

Today was a good day.




Dnd is awesome, i have a wonderful dm

and Korina has had a shift of personality, and goals. With a new goal out of spite. and... well..

Lets hope i can play a cooler korina. Don't think I can but I hope i can.

ya know we really need more characters wearing long tattered cloaks on top of armor cause that's just a real goddamn look

23: No one, on either account, at least right now.
24: Mechanics! I love creating the underlying gears and cogs of games.
25: What?
26: The one I'm posting this on,
27: I don't. Not yet, at least. I have no idea how. ._.
28: Youtube. I have music playing whenever I'm writing, and it really helps me with my focusing problem.
29: I've noticed a few 80's/90's retro trends going around, especially in L&L. I LOVE the aesthetic, and I hope we get more of it. :D
30: ...erase FATAL.

20: ...Yu-Gi-Oh! The TTRPG. I've actually got the rough draft written out. ._.
21: My anxiety and ADHD. I have a very hard time focusing on a single project at a time, and the only way I can really focus on ONE GAME is if I have a lot of people or players wanting more... and I'm too anxious to actually put my games out there. :/
22: I like teaching new DM's and players how to create great characters, worlds, and games. I've recently been in panels for those subjects at a local convention. :)

5 / ?
16: I have post-it notes and random Google docs full of scribbles and notations on my projects.
17: I don't really believe in labels, tags, or "identities", and my games tend to be just as freeform and liquid in their mechanics.
18: "There is no black or white, only shades of gray..."
19: I love reminding my players that the world around them is massive, and alive. I make it a point in every game to knock down arrogant PC's.

4 / ?
13: I actually plan on starting a stream game of Lasers and Liches pretty soon! It's an awesome setting, highly recommended.
14: The Stardust system uses Concepts, which are similar in nature to FATE Core's Aspects. A character's Concepts can grant them special goals and tasks based on their character, with which they gain experience and level up. Essentially, in Stardust, you level up by developing your character's character, instead of just murdering lots of monsters and villains.

3 / ?
10: They usually don't, simply because colonials aren't an enemy. I suppose if my games did try to "dismantle colonialism", the colonials would be the bad guys?

...I'm pretty sure I'm missing a definition here, regardless. I'm not the most well-read GM on the net. :/
11: @FASA_Andrew_1879 My man over here needs some serious lovin'. He's unemployed AND tryin' to make games. That's hardcore.
12: ...uh... I'm open to characters and players of all types? Not sure how to answer this one.

2 / ?
5: Why not both?
6: Again. Both have their places, and both are equally valid.
7: Simplicity is the key. Making games easy to understand and jump into makes it accessible to a much wider audience. I've seen horror stories of people too scared to get into D&D because of all the numbers and equations, as have we all.
8: @librarydm , considering he's the only collaborator I have. ._.
9: I tend to focus on 1-2 players per session, and equalize by shifting the focus between sessions.

1 / ?
1: My name is Dylan "Hawk" Lewis. I make games using a developing system I usually refer to as "Stardust."
2: I bounce from project to project with Stardust, ranging from Arcanik (sci-fantasy anime furries) to Yu-Gi-Oh! The TTRPG. Most of my projects are silly fun, and I mostly use them to entertain my friends.
3: Fruit juice.
4: Honestly? Timed raids. I love giving my players a time limit to assault the fortress, and watching them quickly strategize and strike. :D

anxiety/adhd is a total bitch to deal with sometimes. it's so hard for me to focus on a single thing. i want to design games for a living, but i'm honestly afraid to apply for a job doing so since i have so much trouble actually focusing on what i'm supposed to be working on. case in point: i've been needing to work on Arcanik for the past two months, but i haven't been able to focus on it at all.

also, i'm working on a Warframe RPG because reasons.

I think it's actually kinda funny how little Warhammer 40k addresses thinks like sex & gender & racism and such despite the fact that religious intolerance and xenophobia are basically it's entire premise.

[JK Rowling's head emerges slowly from my cereal bowl]

Me: "What the f-"

Rowling: "Snape liked getting pegged"

Hooray! I enjoy causing characters to have existential crises! :D

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