@hardcorenarrativist I can't see much actual information about the platform on that website! What makes it different than a play-by-post platform? Or what is it trying to do at all? Do you know?

@Alamantus Oh, it's like roll20, not for play-by-post! Synchronous, video+audio, shared tools like character sheets, dice, and the like, etc.

It's true that the site doesn't have a lot of info, but the Kickstarter campaign video has more. Also check the last video in Updates:

@hardcorenarrativist Very interesting! It looks like a (potentially) better Roll20! I hope it ends up being as good as it looks!

@hardcorenarrativist On that note, if you end up using it soon and you're willing/able, please report back about the experience! I'm curious about the audio and video quality most (since they put a lot of stock in that piece), but I'd love to hear how the rest of the interface is as well!

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