Anyone here can help me with a list of words/descriptions related to mental health, to physical disabilities, and to LGBT folks?

It's for a game. I want to make sure I use terminology that is correct and not offensive.

I'm willing to pay for the gig, although I guess it shouldn't really be a lot of work?

Any help or pointers appreciated, including boosts.

@mxfraud Yeah, sort of. I guess the answer is yes, but it's not prose: just a list of words/categories to choose from for character descriptions.

@mxfraud Two people, although they haven't given me feedback yet (I'm not in a hurry or anything so it doesn't matter, but hopefully they will in the future).

@hardcorenarrativist I'm interested, what do you need help with?

My credentials: lesbian, married to a disabled person, both of us are neurodivergent. I also have an English degree and I try stay up-to-date with various style guides and terminology conventions.

@hardcorenarrativist I work in and around mental health and have mental ill health myself and am bi and genderqueer and active in lgbt communities so can help with those aspects. No payment necessary if the game is to be released for free

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