Free games (designed by me) that you can play by yourself. Some of these you can _also_ play with other people, and should work well online.

The 5 whys: a game about uncovering how a big failure happened, going backwards (think Memento)

FIRE: a game about a child escaping adults (think Ico and The Last Guardian).

Conspiracy: a conspiracy thriller game (think The Da Vinci Code).

Bonus (not designed by me).
If a diary/epistolary/journaling kind of horror story sounds interesting, check out English Eerie:

It's played with a regular deck of cards and almost feels like a creative writing exercise, but it's very fun! It comes with 4 or 5 scenarios which give you an initial situation and prompts.

Which other solo games do you like?

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BTW English Eerie is not "free", strictly speaking, it's Pay What You Want. But you can get it for free to try it out, and then throw some money at the author if you end up liking it.

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