Is there anyone around here that could help me coming up with everyday things that antifascist groups have done against fascists? It's for an alternative set of prompts/ideas for my story game "Deeds, not Words", so I'm interested in physical feats, subterfuge/sabotage operations, and communication wins:

See the last page for the current prompts (which are for English suffragettes).

If those things really happened in reality, that's a plus! Feel free to boost.

If it helps in any way, my first thought was to try to get inspiration from how the Greek antifascists defeated "Golden Dawn", but I don't know nearly enough about it, and then I figured I'd just ask. Surely someone in the fediverse has lots of ideas? 😅

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@hardcorenarrativist Would count?

(I couldn't open the pdf, but your reference to suffragettes makes me think that historical examples are of interest; OTOH, the Allied effort in #WWII is probably not the sort of thing you desire.)

@mpjgregoire Thanks for the link! If nothing else, it will be good to read up a bit on them.

I don't have a very strict/clear idea of what I want. Roughly, I wanted to check how DnW would work with alternative prompts (the initial plan was to have different sets, but then I decided to focus on a single set of prompts to simplify things), and I think I prefer a modern flair.

Even if I stick with modern I can adapt the specifics of their tactics, so I'm sure it will be helpful!

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