Can anyone give examples of "traditional" RPGs (in this case, let's say that "traditional" = "with GM") that aren't about adventure and/or investigation?

There might well be, but I always tend to think of games that are essentially about a group of people going on "adventures" (even if that means investigation and/or solving a mystery, a la Trail/Call of Cthulhu)...

@hardcorenarrativist None come to mind, even when there is no Adventures or mystery, the essence is the same, they enroll on some type of adventure or mission. I don't know no traditional RPG where the characters just enroll on, for example, simple common day tasks, doing daily stuff 🙂

@hardcorenarrativist Bunnies and Burrows comes to mind. Also, any games that are more about politics than adventuring, like Vampire The Masquerade or Amber (though most games I've played in those worlds do end up adventure-y). Comedy games like Toon or IOU can also be about slice-of-life without the adventure.

@attercap B&B, interesting. From the Wikipedia description, it feels pretty adventury to me. What about it is non-adventury?

VtM, I don't know. I think it wants to be something, but the rules push you in a different direction. I don't remember who said that VtM wanted to be a tragic game, but most of the time ends up being a vampire superhero game because of the rules 😅

Oh, Toon is an interesting twist (haven't read it, though). I don't know IOU, what's that?

@hardcorenarrativist B&B could be adventurey, but could also be treated more as a game about resources and sharing.

VtM 1 had a lot of flavor about politics so seemed to want to be more about that. The current edition wants to be about the fight against the internal monsters... but the mechanics and heritage don't always match the text.

IOU was a GURPS setting: Illuminati University. Magic/Aliens/Etc. in a college environment. So, games could just be about juggling classes and relationships.

As unserious as it is Maid is kinda about group dynamics and relationships much more than adventures

@ackthrice yeah, that certainly seems weird enough to not be considered "adventuring" 😁

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