hey, since I'm not well versed in systems - do you know any systems that are good to play with small groups (2 players, one GM?)

@ingalacornicum These are some GM-less games that need no preparation (for one shots, not campaigns):

* Deeds, not Words (I wrote this!), a game about she suffragettes: hardcorenarrativist.org/items/

* Ribbon Drive, mentioned elsewhere, a fantastic game about road trips: drivethrurpg.com/product/11405

* Fiasco, a Coen brothers-style story game: bullypulpitgames.com/games/fia

* Night Witches, a game about female pilots in the 2nd World War (also works for campaigns!): bullypulpitgames.com/games/nig

thank you all for the amazing recommendations, i'm gonna them all check out!!

@hardcorenarrativist @Yoric @rafu @hawkjohenson @phyrry and everyone else!


@ingalacornicum I realised a bit too late that Ribbon Drive *does* need some preparation! Each player has to bring a "mixtape" with music (the music is extremely important in the game and drives the narrative, to an extent).

And while at it, I might as well recommend The Skeletons, a double reversal on the dungeon crawling idea:

omg, an rpg where you have to bring a mixtape sounds amazing though!! and its not like we can't prep ahead, we just aren't very many people :B

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