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Some stuff I have made that might be of interest:

* "Deeds, not Words", a 3-player GM-less game about the amazing suffragettes, but generally about activism:

* "The poison of suspicion", a 2-player GM-less game about forgiveness and the meaning of life:

* "Black Wolf", my game for dark fantasy. Basically a Call of Cthulhu 7th hack:

* RPG software, scenarios I've written, and more:

Test piece with the new stainless. It's really shiny. I'll put this up on my shop for $20 when I have better photos. Bracelet is 7" plus clasp. #maille

Vulnerability allows cross-browser tracking in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Tor

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Request for help with cover art 

Sooo... Apparently Bandcamp requires cover art. I have never, ever in my life even considered that this could be a requirement. Therefore, not only am I unable to make any because blind, I also have absolutely no idea what I would want because I'm not sure what you would usually find in cover art to begin with. Does anyone have any ideas? All of my current music is on my Soundcloud (link in my profile).

Hi! This is my .

I'm Eunice, a twenty-something worker and student who occasionally enjoys tabletop games and wants to get into again. I've played a bit since high-school, but never got to complete a single story (save for a Call of Cthulhu one-shot a friend once ran). I've played and , and got to participate in creating characters and planning a little for and

Pleased to join you all! :heart_nb:

Want to adapt the Thirsty Sword Lesbians text for your own game?

(Short-version: the text is CC-BY-SA 4.0 International)

China's Rocket: "Out of control, could land on an innocent neighborhood! look out!"

SpaceX Rocket: "Lands in man's farm. A gift from our Techno-King billionaire god. So cool!"

Elon Musk: "Hey I'm hosting SNL, lol. Buy Doge coin. I'm cool Iron Man IRL haha."

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Software recommendation request 

I have a *lot* of photos I wanna share with friends and family and I have my own server. I don't want to share every photo with everyone though

Anybody know of any self hosted software that
1) allows for different users with different access (or maybe something like obscure link names instead of passwords)
2) looks decent
3) allows for easy downloading for my non-techie relatives

So far i haven't found anything that quite fits the bill

(boosts welcome)

It's finally here! My cycle of 6 short stories about a mage's journey of recovery and acceptance after xe has a stroke.

Available for only £5!
Boosts welcomed!

Oh, Tobie Abad release A Second Moment! It's a revised version of A Single Moment with extra play modes (the original was strictly a 2-player game, but now there are rules for solo and group play) and many extra playsets.

A Single Moment is a game about two samurai that used to be friends, but end up in a duel to the death. The game is about going back in time and finding out what broke their friendship and made them hate each other.

I could use some help from #solarpunk fiction fans. I'm trying to find a short anthology but I don't remember the title. It was published around 2018 by a group from a university. I remember seeing it from one of the defunct solarpunk instances.

It had 4 short stories:

- a big solar flower in a coal town
- Phoenix had a big solar "snake"
- desert cultures of indigenous people and people who lived under "the thumb"
- Detroit had a large framework that people could hang panels on.


Microsoft now owns, or will soon own, one of the best text-to-speech engines for blind power-users, through its acquisition of Nuance. But the code has been abandoned for years. It seems unlikely that this TTS engine is a valuable asset for Microsoft. So let's petition them to open-source it. (No, I didn't start the petition, but I'm in agreement with it.)

I'm in.
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Have you always disliked Adobe's practices?

Do you need motivation to use other software or platforms? Do you want to see what other designers are using?

Join the #fuckAdobe Game Jam.
Link →

Heróis Modernos (Modern Hero) the most innovative Super Hero , in my humble opinion, is seeing a minimal start version. Oh! Counting the days to the release 😃

Remind me to never interact again with the Spanish RPG scene. Geez.

Making good progress with my Jungle Book inspired rpg, mocked up a character sheet as all the mechanics are sorted, Just working on writing it up now.

If you want to support a chronically ill enby work on xeir projects, you can donate at or check out my other stuff at

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This is both genuinely funny and absolutely the correct way to update the Red Skull for the 2020s. I mean, Hydra would also be selling 'health' supplements & asking for donations for a 'free speech' alt social media platform as well

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