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I tend to write more about making games and such on, but I'm more active here, so a couple of links:

* "Deeds, not Words", a GM-less game for 2-3h one shots, about the amazing suffragettes, but generally about activism:

* "Black Wolf", my (very derivative) game for dark fantasy. Kind of a more narrative variant of Call of Cthulhu, adapted to the genre:

* RPG software and scenarios I've written, and more:

In other, unrelated news, English Eerie (, Pay What You Want) is pretty cool. I'm still writing my second story, after I had a several-month break, and I'm getting into it again.

It feels much creepier than the first, but maybe my memory of the first is not very good. Looking forward to finishing it and seeing what the result is. Maybe I'll scan the pages and post them here once I'm done.

Also, I'm writing it by hand and that feels nice.

2. Games in which you make the whole story on the spot, and are usually, but not necessarily, GM-less, like Ribbon Drive or my own Deeds, not Words ( In these games, the rules help create the story and give it shape.

FATE (at least "accelerated") feels like as a narrator I don't always decide, and I can't necessarily prepare much upfront... and the rules don't help structure the story or create it. I need more contact with it, but it feels like it's not for me.


Regarding the last post about FATE (accelerated; and thanks for all the replies!), I have realised that I tend to like two very different styles of RPGs:

1. More or less old-fashioned rules, like Call of Cthulhu or my own Black Wolf (, in which there's a narrator with a scenario decided beforehand. The rules are more for action resolution, and I often ignore/bypass them.


@hardcorenarrativist Example from our campaign: I was trying to take our fleet around the beseiged city when we were threatened by a member of the rebellion. I rolled Empathy, and "discovered" that he was in it for the money, not for the rebel cause. In reality, I succeeded at my Empathy roll, and my GM let me say that that was true about the NPC, even though they hadn't thought about that NPC in depth.

Which is cool, but weird.

So, FATE fans: what do you like about it, what do you think works better than others?

In my extremely limited experience (1 character, in 1 campaign, with 1 narrator), I find it a bit awkward. I *really* don't understand why the focus would be in the _how_, and not the _what_. I find that ambiguous and we often go back and forth to decide what counts as what.

Like, what's the advantage? I don't find it particularly helpful for telling the story, and it's certainly terrible as a simulation.

Speaking of games I'd like to try, there are *two* different games inspired in, among others, Shadow of the Colossus (the videogame) that I'd like to try:

Reach of Titan (this is just a playtest and only covers combat, but I find it, surprisingly enough, very intriguing):

Facing the Titan (much more narrative):

Finished re-reading Night Witches ( It's such a great game and I'd love to play, but I always wonder how well I'd run it.

I guess I just have to try, but there are other games I have to try, and I wonder if I'll be able to find players interested in it.

I have updated "Deeds, not Words" with a new section with historical notes and context. Not necessary for the game of course, but might be handy and might inspire more ideas when playing:

See also the thread on RPGGeek, if you want to chip in or discuss anything about the game:

Question time!

Do you ever have non-holiday/“small” celebrations in your games? Like weddings or birthday parties or coming-of-age celebrations or anything?

I have updated the inspiration and examples for "Deeds, not Words", my RPG about suffragists/activism, after great feedback from @nickwedig:

Still can be improved of course, but I have to stop somewhere 😅

Chaosmeister writes about earning money if you're small. Like, really small. I read his blog post as:
1. create something for free or PWYW to find an audience
2. create something for a fixed price and contact the people from step 1, maybe offering them a deal
In the end, the profits of step 2 vastly outstrip any PWYW.
I also remember reading some statistics on DriveThru saying that 4.99 was the best price to use, basically no matter what you sold.

I have a first version of the list of examples that will go on the reverse of the character sheet for "Deeds, not Words":

"Bonding" are ideas/examples for short scenes in which characters bond.

"Training" are ideas for short descriptions of how characters improve their attributes.

"Clash checks" are ideas for the attribute checks that have to be rolled for each clash.

Are they clear? Inspiring? Do they make you want to play? #feedbackrequested #feedbackwelcome

Hey friends.

Remember yesterday when I lost my mind because my new game, Journey Away, was live for sale?

Well, in the time since then, somebody's decided to crap on it with a 1-star review without even seeing the game first.

As a tiny publisher without a widely-known brand, letting that bit of trolling be the face of my first big product could ruin me.

If you like the game, please remember to leave a review. It could really make a difference.


That was faster than I anticipated! My new non-challenge-based fantasy , Journey Away, is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG!

Currently it's just the PDF version; there's still a bit to do before the print version can be sold.

But still! It's my game! I did that!

Don't worry, I won't be spamming the TL about it, but it *is* my livelihood, so maybe fill in the gap with some boosts? Thanks!

Well, it's 2019 now.

Who wants the first batch of internet hugs?

(Feel free to boost; I've got lots!)

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Any writers or roleplayers here who have (or know) character accounts on mastodon and use them as sort of in-character journal or to communicate with other fictional characters?

I have promised to a 6yo who's really, really into that, during the holidays, I would try and design a variant of

- with ;
- thematically non-violent (e.g. minifigs can attack each other but they're not trying to hurt each other, as everything can be fixed);
- with ;
- for instead of American Football.

Planning to call it either or .

I have 8 days to comply. Anybody interested in this? :)

@hardcorenarrativist @ingalacornicum Something that might be of interest is the actual play podcast "Follow the Leader", wherein week by week the group goes through a bunch of different GM-less tabletop games. It's a fun listen and very good for introducing you to new systems!

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