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I tend to write more about making games and such on, but I'm more active here, so a couple of links:

* "Deeds, not Words", a GM-less game for 2-3h one shots, about the amazing suffragettes, but generally about activism:

* "Black Wolf", my (very derivative) game for dark fantasy. Kind of a more narrative variant of Call of Cthulhu, adapted to the genre:

* RPG software and scenarios I've written, and more:

Actually, maybe I wouldn't call the layout "decent", but it's certainly much, much better than the original.

Damn, the version of Breaking the Ice that comes in the Romance Trilogy is so much better than the "original" I got a long time ago: not only it has a decent layout and gets rid of the awful clip art, it seems that the text is better, too!

A little self-promotion:

I just released the early access / beta version of my tabletop RPG, THIRSTY SWORD LESBIANS!

It's a feelings-focused game of crossing swords and falling in love, a celebration of queer power and affection!

If you're interested, please check it out at

Played a third game of my own "The poison of suspicion" (

It went pretty well, and it was fairly different from the other two. While playing, I came up with a couple of clarifications for the rules (or, rather, the point/approach for the scenes) so I'll hopefully make a minor update to the text soon.

This time the story was about a grunge band in Seattle in the 90s, and the guitarist poisoning the singer. It was really cool 😁

Unemployed Week 9. Home in danger of foreclosure. eagle inlay, 22 inches by 10 inches, approx 7000 rings, bright and anodized aluminum. Reading glasses in photo for size comparison. $200 or best offer, plus shipping, to or$tarlimanjoppos Please Boost

Part 2: «both OSR and story gamers regularly say that they value "emergent stories". The idea is that the stories are not pre-written, rather they emerge from play. So it seems like we're on the same page. But I'm convinced that this is, in large part, an illusion.»

Oh, ha, I just realised that Trollbabe is written by Ron Edwards (of Sorcerer fame). I'll re-read it, then.

Sadly, the Night Witches game was cancelled yesterday 😢 So I still haven't played the game. However, I did get to play lots of games during Easter, including several new games I had never tried.

And yesterday I got to play House of Reeds instead, which was interesting and I hadn't played, either! So yay me I guess.

Also, if you're running "Beneath a Metal Sky", the space horror scenario for Dread (included in the book), there is a fantastic *program* that lets you look at the map of the ship interactively as a 3D model. It has sound and everything! It's just cool as heck.

This includes a spoiler, so don't run the program and start clicking around if you're ever going to _play_ this scenario.

I was tired and I hadn't had time to prepare the scenario well, but it was good. Tense and nice. I think with more time it would have been more intense and I would have had enough neurons to tie in more PC backstory bits, and make the NPCs more realistic. But it was good anyway.

We didn't have a Jenga tower however, so we had to play with the optional rules to replace it with dice towers. It worked pretty well, although I have nothing to compare because it was my first Dread game.


And I played _another_ session of "Deeds, not Words" ( which was also really fun. I think the slice-of-life scenes are one of the main reasons why the stories turn out differently, and why it doesn't feel like I'm telling the same story over and over. Pretty happy with that, may clarify some explanations after a question I got during the game.

I also played Dread right after (Beneath a Metal Sky, the space horror scenario) which was also really fun.


I have now played both "Mission: Accomplished!" and "Universalis". Both quite enjoyable, and easier to play than I feared they would be.

Mission: Accomplished! was as ridiculous as it sounded, really fun and silly.

Universalis is still pretty tough, because you have to create the whole story on the spot, including the setting, without much help. But the rules felt a lot less heavy than I thought they would. Not sure if I'll play again, but I enjoyed the experience!

the riot starts is a gmless rpg for 3-6 players inspired by the musical hadestown by anaïs mitchell. it focuses on community-building and revolting against the oppressive capitalist hell of the underworld.

In case you're interested, I updated the blog post talking about "The poison of suspicion", my last game, to add pictures of my initial design notes. If you're interested in creative processes and such, it should be nice to look at! Not claiming that's a good way to design, but if you're as obsessed as me with thought processes, it's always fun to peek at how something came to be:

The game itself:

If everything goes well, next week I'll try a bunch of games I haven't tried yet!

Mission: Accomplished!
Night Witches

Plus I'll play _two_ more playtest sessions for "Deeds, not Words" (my game about the Suffragettes and civil rights activism in general, which you can download from

🤞🏼 🤓

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