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I tend to write more about making games and such on, but I'm more active here, so a couple of links:

* "Deeds, not Words", a GM-less game for 2-3h one shots, about the amazing suffragettes, but generally about activism:

* "Black Wolf", my (very derivative) game for dark fantasy. Kind of a more narrative variant of Call of Cthulhu, adapted to the genre:

* RPG software and scenarios I've written, and more:

Holy shit you guys did you see that started a tabletop gaming forum? With specific subforums for indie RPGs like Apocalypse World and Belonging Outside Belonging? And has forum categories that look suspiciously like the Forge?

This is an interesting development

I've just updated one of my classes, the Aethermage.

I'd love to get it reviewed (blog, podcast, w/e), so if that's your jam, hit me up for a free review copy.

Product page is here if you want to have a look before deciding:

Boosts appreciated!

@briecs Hi! It seems that you haven't set up a redirection for your old RSS feed (I just noticed).

There should be one for at least:

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Hey ! Yesterday, we raised over four MILLION dollars for . That's UNBELIEVABLE. Today, let's support smaller creators. Retweet this thread, and if you know an creator or artist with an indie game, a module, or a , link it in the comments.

Starting to read, a rant-review of the Tomb of Horrors. It sounds kind of hilarious (I just hit the "spoiler warning" so haven't read much yet).

Sounds like I'm going to be amused and enraged in equal measures. And probably shaking my head for the rest of the article 😅

Ha. I was talking yesterday about finishing my English Eerie story before I got Thousand Year Old Vampire... and guess what happened today? 😅 🥳

Apparently it's !

I'm running a special game designed to offer a safe path into the hobby for newbies. That includes providing their materials (dice, extra copies of rulebooks, etc) so that there's as little barrier to entry as possible.

Spare three bucks to help me pay for that?

And I finished my second English Eeire story! Extra spooky at the end, I liked it!

I might be too lazy to take pictures of all pages. I'm definitely too lazy to transcribe the whole text.

But if you are interested, I'll take pictures 😌​ Or if you want to know a bit more about how the game works, hmu.

Only one chapter left to finish my second story with English Eerie (

Some extra-creepy twist close to the end, and I think the last chapter is going to be one of the creepiest, when both the reader and the protagonists (and me, of course!) find out what the source of the weirdness was.

Really excited. I had a quick look at the other scenarios included in the book and they look really interesting, but I think I'll save myself for Thousand Year Old Vampire...

DriveThruRPG has a sale now in many games. One of the games with reduced price is Ribbon Drive, one of my favourite RPGs!

It's a game about road trips and living in the present. It's GM-less, you can play in 3-4h, and each player brings a "mixtape", which serves as soundtrack and inspiration for the story you're telling.

Hey, I'm new here. I am board games lover and player. As well I'm working on my side project named Card-a-mon ( - tool to design card games. I hope to find here people who will inspire me, find my side project useful or simply I will find new things I wouldn't find in other way.

This series of articles about D&D as a (bad) storytelling game is quite interesting so far:

I think the author is unfair to D&D because it was never designed as that kind of story-driven game, but there are many good points about story games and design.

Part Two, about characters, is pretty good and I think verbalises part of why I dislike D&D. And the Harry Plinkett test is pretty amazing (see the linked video)!

Looking forward to reading the rest as it's published.

I'm guessing this is a somewhat unpopular opinion, but when I read that a game has "levels", or that a scenario is "for players of xxx level", I immediately stop paying attention and/or close the tab.

There are a lot of horror stories about bait and switch games, where players create characters for one thing only to find that they're in something else. But surprise genre/world shifts don't have to be bad, they just need to be done right and not invalidate player agency.

My friend is trying to create a Zine about diversity in role playing games and he needs your help. If you think this is an important topic, please support his kickstarter.

No job, farm mortgage due, help save the alpacas 22 Feb: four candle chandelier in galvanized steel, suitable for gaming room, goth household, SCA camp, whatever. Hand coiled, hand cut, no power tools. $150 plus shipping.

Hey, anybody willing to answer a quick question about abstract gender representation on a game aid I'm making?

I'm looking for someone who can design a card face and card back for an upcoming project. Paid gig.

Reply if interested, boost if not.


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