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Some stuff I have made that might be of interest:

* "Deeds, not Words", a 3-player GM-less game about the amazing suffragettes, but generally about activism:

* "The poison of suspicion", a 2-player GM-less game about forgiveness and the meaning of life:

* "Black Wolf", my game for dark fantasy. Basically a Call of Cthulhu 7th hack:

* RPG software, scenarios I've written, and more:

Total respect to Evil Hat for being cautious about Kickstarter's recent union-busting efforts and their upcoming Kickstarter:

#rpg #evilhat

Anyone know of a project needing a voice actor or narrator? I have a fairly deep south-west england voice that's looking for some exposure. Will do it for free if it's a small or non-profit project, charges if it's for an established company or project. Voice samples available on request.

Boosts appreciated, get me out there!

Anybody playing a one-shot in the next couple of weeks?

If so, would you be willing to include a handful of spells for the purpose of playtesting?

Job hunting, sick wife, printing problems, and creative endeavors.

If you want to know where I'm at in life right now, this Patreon post is public so you can read up if you like.


Gab, Spinster, TERF salt, no cap but OCRbot request 

The Game Chef finalists have been announced!

No, my game is not in there 😅 But one of the games I reviewed, which was my favourite, is! It's called Our Queen Crumbles, check it out.

There's this local indie game design company with a new game on Kickstarter and I want it.

"Players take control of a cast of characters working to dismantle the aristocracy the only way they know how: summoning demons. This game is a one-shot area-control roleplaying game for 3-6 players, played on a story map (a pentagram)."


I know the way most folks design their RPG layouts is with InDesign but one of the goals with the Pepper&Carrot RPG is to keep it as open as possible. So I"m looking into LaTeX for Layout.

Lest you think me completely off my rocker, here's a RPG that uses LaTeX and has what I would consider professional layout:

I played it in the pages of my regular journal, in between the other entries, but using a different colored pen. If I'm given a fatal prognosis I hope I have enough wherewithal to go ink them out.
When I pass, you must preserve my journals for future generations to be inspired by. Except the one where I played The Beast; that one you must burn immediately.

Some doofus has a Patreon where (in exchange for money, mind you) he offers his supporters access to a massive archive of stolen/pirated material, everything from scans of hardcover WotC books to 3rd-party content (like what I make, though I don't know whether my stuff is in the pile).

Don't support DM Clockwork Dragon.

Also he may well have a lawsuit incoming, because ALL that stuff (including DMs Guild products) is technically WotC's property.

Recommended: Getting a free copy of the RPG zine CODEX that contains the game TROPHY, a game where doomed adventurers wander into the woods to be destroyed.


Could we please stop pretending that "roleplaying" means "talking"? All you have to do to roleplay is make choices consistent with your character's identity/personality/etc. You can roleplay during exploration or combat just as much as in social interactions.

Thought for the day:
Magic systems with clearly defined (probably mathematical) rules are boring and aren't really magic, just alt-science.

#worldbuilding #fantasy

Hello! I'm Jacob and I publish tabletop games! I've got bestselling supplements, original work, and a WIP D&D campaign setting.

🎲​D&D work:
🌎​Nexus setting:

Also I like people but I'm bad at initiating contact, so feel free to randomly @ me if you need something or want to chat or whatever.

Life is hard, but we've got each other. ❤️​

I have now uploaded "The 5 whys" to Now I'll upload to DriveThruRPG and to

I updated the text and cards of my game "The 5 whys", my entry for The Game Chef.

I haven't uploaded to or DriveThruRPG yet, but I will over the weekend sometime. For now, if you want to have a look, you can download it from:

Help me find the title of a kids chapter book? 1/2 

Fediverse surveillance instance: Fedichive 

I'd like to play again, with three people, and see if the experience is better. And possibly tweak/improve the game based on the experience...

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