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Some stuff I have made that might be of interest:

* "Deeds, not Words", a 3-player GM-less game about the amazing suffragettes, but generally about activism:

* "The poison of suspicion", a 2-player GM-less game about forgiveness and the meaning of life:

* "Black Wolf", my game for dark fantasy. Basically a Call of Cthulhu 7th hack:

* RPG software, scenarios I've written, and more:

Hey, I could really use some sales right now to get my car fixed! My DTRPG store ( or are the places to go to grab my stuff, if you're so inclined.

It was fun, although one of the players had some problems getting into it. It was a mix of language barrier (funnily enough) and that this game is maybe somewhat abstract, and may need somewhat experienced and/or creative players?

My favourite mechanic was making one of the Aspects evolve when changing to a different Age. I thought it was really powerful. I thought making up the words was relatively easy, and quite satisfying to hear others' suggestions.

Looking forward to playing again!

Game log; child abandonment 

I'm *finally* going to play Dialect tonight, I'm so looking forward to it!

Dialect is a GM-less story game about a group of people isolated from society (eg. a colony in Mars), how they develop their own expressions and words, and how their language dies:

Also, I know a lot of the new folks will be interested in Fediverse antifascism, so @isolategab is a great account to follow. Gab is a USA-based fascist website that recently made their own version of Mastodon; Isolate Gab keeps everyone in the know about what they're doing so that instance admins can keep their users safe, and as well works to get companies to withdraw their financial supporr of Gab and its hate speech. #ff

Finally decided to release Rusałka, my GMless game of tragic fairy tales. It's probably the best game I've ever made, and now you can get it on DriveThruRPG or on

Hola, buenas gentes!!
Para celebrar el día propongo un acto colectivo (no secsuar, eso otro año) de creación de microrelatos de miedo-fantasía-canguis ambientados en el medio rural. Podéis leer los que escribí yo el año pasado en el hastagh
Para este año etiquetad vuestras contribuciones con el hastagh #miedorural19 y después las recopilaré todas. Si hay tiempo quizá surja de ellas algun minilibro.
Animaos!! No olvidéis la etiqueta!!

@patmax17 I don't think I'm doing the game justice with my description, so if any of those things resonate with you, it's probably better than it sounds 😅

@patmax17 The Shadow is a metaphor for toxic masculinity, and when PCs behave in that way they can be temporarily taken by it. Gender is extremely important in this game (and all PCs are not-men: enbies, women incl. trans, gender fluid, etc.), and a lot of the story and mechanics are centred around relationships and drama in stressful situations, eg. you have camaraderie points with other characters, get jaded with time, etc.

It's partly inspired by The Night Witches and it shows.


To elaborate a bit about The Watch: it's a low-fantasy, PbtA game about a group of people (the watch) who fights The Shadow, a mysterious force that can get people over to its side. The members of the watch are the survivors of many different tribes who didn't necessarily get along well, but now are united against a common enemy. ALL men have fallen prey of The Shadow, and are now fighting against their own families. Many non-men have, too.


/cc @patmax17

Damn, The Watch is really interesting! I really want to play it but I don't know when I'll have the time 😕

I just had a quick playtest and finally submitted my conspiracy thriller game to the NO DICE jam, woohoo!

If you've ever felt like was too rules-heavy and combat-oriented for your fantasy roleplaying preferences, you might be interested in this:

It's a (free!) playtest packet, just a few pages, for a fantasy RPG that's much more flexible and open-ended than D&D is.

You can learn the game, make a character, and still have time for gameplay, all in a single sitting.

Check it out!

Found this noir mini-RPG called My Red Goddess. I haven't played it, but it looks super intriguing:

Looking for a Black, preferably LGBT, sensitivity reader for a new project! This is a paid gig!

Interested? Email with your credentials!

Please boost!

ghost story, loss 

Funnily enough, this makes it the *third* Powered by the Apocalypse game I own in which all PCs are not-men (the others are Night Witches and Thirsty Sword Lesbians).

I haven't managed to play any of them, though 😭

A long time ago I had seen the Kickstarter campaign for The Watch, a low-fantasy RPG about gender, war, and other stuff.

I'm not sure why I didn't back it back then but I remember regretting it. Anyway, for some reason I remembered the game today and decided to finally buy it.

I'm reading the first pages, and there's a short FAQ of sorts. The last question, with answer, is (for context, most other answers take half a page 😂):

Isn’t this game kind of misandrist?

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