I have zero interest in tied to IPs from other media. I love the Blade Runner-movies and PKD and many more, but I don't want to play Deckard, Luke, Bond, Indiana Jones or whoever.

Funny thing is: I have no problem playing videogames with explicit IPs.

Maybe I just want to protect my own imagination?

@gunnar Some of them are groundbreakingly great and innovative—Prince Valiant, Ghostbusters [predecessor of SWd6], Zeb's Conan, MSHRPG (a.k.a. FASERIP), Rune, The One Ring RPG, MHR, Mouse Guard, Cthulhu Dark all come to mind—but I agree. They're good in spite of their license (or public domain, in the case of CD).

When an original system is combined with an original setting, like Over The Edge, Unknown Armies, Feng Shui, Lancer, Apocalypse World, Everway—now we're cooking with fire ♥

@Sandra they system might be interesting, but I'm not eager to play them anyway. Also, I'm not interested in backstories or canon. I'll just mess it up.

@gunnar Do you like games that are clearly so and so IP with the serial numbers filed off?

@kennon strangely, I'm mostly ok with that. Especially if it is a simple ruleset. Would love to play in a game of White Star.

Maybe I'm just afraid to mess up canon?

@gunnar Right on. I can see that. There's certainly some pressure inherent to working in an established IP world.

And they usually aren't set up in an open-ended way to explore and build it the same way that a from-scratch setting is, even if it's heavily inspired by some existing IP.

@gunnar Interesting, I have e. g. absolutely zilch interest in dungeon / hex crawling #DnD homebrew ripoffs, nowadays labeled #OSR. Been there, done that, got the shirt… Tastes differ.

The #Alien #ttrpg worked pretty well (for us).

Don’t know how well #BladeRunner will work, we will see. Sadly, there is no English / German translation of the French #ttrpg #Cops.

Great unique games like #FengShui #UnknownArmies etc. don’t get enough attention…

Anyway, enjoy.

@AetherEgo Alien is prob the one exception I will allow myself. Only because it seems so easily gamified. But, then again, I would rather be in a Mothership-game doing mostly the same things.

@gunnar #Mothership in #alien–like #DeadSpace, IPs filled off?!
Honestly, I think #Mothership is a great alternative / option.

In my opinion, the success of #Mothership is deserved!

Licensed games die far too easily, in my experience. I like the #Alien movies a lot….
The system worked for us quite well. Don’t want to run it as campaign. The material is pretty neat.

#Mothership appears to be more wild and creative….

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